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June 2009 - MSAND

June 2009 - MSAND

Special Feature It’s

Special Feature It’s come to our attention that some of our esteemed colleagues may not actually be who they seem. It may just be that our ranks are being infiltrated by celebrities who to escape the glaring lights of fame are going under cover to hide in the relative safety of the Notre Dame Med School. While we don’t begrudge them this, we feel it is our civic duty to out these imposters to the rest of us in their midst. So below we present the first of an ongoing feature where we reveal the true identity of these people. If you’ve spotted an imposter, keep a safe distance and report them to immediately. I swear you Look like... Ed ‘The Voice’ Rohr (II) is Will Ferrell as Frank "The Tank" Ricard David ‘Monty’ Edwards (II) is Russell Crowe as John Nash (oh what a Beautiful Mind…) Andy De Groot (I) is Pamela Anderson from Baywatch

Laura McDermott (II) is Libby from Neighbours Jason Miller (II) is an orange I swear you Look like Dr Terry Buchan is Brooks from The Shawshank Redemption Michael Toolis (II) is the Mohawked Crazy from Mad Max II Special Feature

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