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June 2009 - MSAND

June 2009 - MSAND

Meet the press Name:

Meet the press Name: Tharsa (said Darsha just to make life complicated) Thillainadesan (to make life EVEN more complicated) Born? London What were you in your former (pre-med) life? A smug Sydneysider, possibly blonde and blue eyed. If you were an animal what would it be? Elephant because they have big backsides and long trunks If you could be any superhero who would you be and what powers would you have? Wolverine with x-ray vision, (think of the money I could be saving the health department ;) What makes you angry? Perth drivers, voting against daylight savings, people who walk slow on pavements, What’s the best thing about living in Perth? The sun, the endless beaches, hubbles cafe and pizza from Delizioso! What’s the worst? Perth drivers If you were stuck on a desert island what 5 things would you take with you? Chewing gum Lip balm A ship ( so I can visit home when I get bored) Harrisons (possibly to use as an anchor on my ship) The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Last, but not least, who would you change sexual orientation for? This is a tough question the options are endless but if I really have to pick – Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Thandie Newton. Tom Leadbetter: Defence Force Scholar Tom Tell us about yourself pre Med? I went straight from high school in Ipswich (1991), Qld to do my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at UQ(1995). From there, I worked in community and acute mental health for 12 years at Qld Health in a range of clinical, supervisory, managerial and project roles. During my last 2 and half years with QHealth, I completed a Masters of Professional Accounting through Uni of Southern Qld whilst working full time. I had lived in Ipswich all my life, apart from about 6 months of travel. I have been married to Tharsa Thillainadesan: 3rd year Not Tom Rayleen for coming close to 8 years and have 3 kids. You’ve taken a defence scholarship, who’d you go with and why? Air Force. I had applied to enter pilot training a couple of years before getting into med, but was denied due to my age. I guess I have developed an interest in military and aviation medicine since. Medicine was always my number one choice though, so the Graduate Medical Scheme allows me to financially support my family while studying. After graduation it will allow me to get involved in aviation medicine, aeromedical evacuations and trauma medicine with the RAAF, and also get support while I undertake GP training. I also didn’t consider Navy as I heard a guy called Jason Miller had been recruited by them! Why was the defence scholarship appealing? No denying it, the financial support is very good. I also get subsidised rent and free medical and dental care. HECS is also paid for. This is an obvious benefit. However, you need to be committed to working for the military in the future, be prepared to be sent around the country and overseas, and to commit yourself pretty much to general practice training. So, for those considering it, there a lot of positives, but you also need a full understanding of what you are committing to. It is a very appealing programme, but it involves a massive commitment and the recruitment is very rigorous. You really have to want to work for the military at the end of it, because what you will do as a doctor with them is unique and unlike any other area of medicine. Where are you planning on working in the future? I’d eventually like to return to Qld where my extended family and friends are. I also like the idea of the possibility of doing an exchange with an overseas Air Force, possibly in the UK or Canada. I guess I see myself as a doctor and GP in the RAAF who will get to do lots of interesting stuff, as well as lots of routine stuff. After my return of service is up, I’ll re-evaluate. I think I am destined to be a GP for the rest of my life though, which I would say is a good thing!

Meet the press Born? In the back seat of the same car I was conceived in. What were you in your former (pre-med) life? It’s hard to believe but I wasn’t always this classy. I used to do a variety of hospitality jobs, mostly with my top off. If you were an animal what would it be? A goldfish - I’ve heard they’ve got an amazing intellectual capacity. If you could be any superhero who would you be and what powers would you have? The riddler so I would have some hypnotising powers or something. I’d love the ability to just spurt out whatever shit came to mind and have a whole nation’s media believe it, can you imagine? What makes you angry? Racism. Can’t stand it. What's the best thing about living in Perth? The streets are safe. What's the worst? Being so far away from King’s Cross wannabe celeb opportunities. If you were stuck on a desert island what 5 things would you take with you? A fat wog A skinny wog A gun that goes chk chk boom A gullible film crew My new-found fortune Last, but not least, who would you change your sexual orientation for? Tracy Grimshaw from A Current Affair, I’d give her a chk chk boom! Ass. Prof. Marek Havlat: Pathological teacher Born? Launceston Tasmania in 1964, grew up in Hobart. If you were an animal what would it be? I am fond of cephalopods (especially octopi) because of their unique adaptive abilities, their clear intelligence, personalities and colourful emotive expressions. They also have great ingenuity and determination: I once saw an octopus that was caught by a fisherman and given up for dead , drag itself out of a beached boat and crawl through dry sand for 60 metres to the Clare Werbeloff: Bogan water's edge, successfully rescuing it's own life. I like that sort of toughness & determination. Having 8 arms means one can be involved in many things at once. If you could be any superhero who would you be and what powers would you have? A difficult one. I more admire antiheroes: people that seem to 'fail' in the world's eyes but have upheld truth and justice. So clearly an ability to know one's mind, to go against the tide, and to be able to stand alone in dire times are important qualities in my book. I like people like Sir Thomas More, Sophie Scholl, to name a few. What makes you angry? My day is always very full, so I do get very impatient with time wasting and thoughtless disorganisation, from whatever cause. What’s the best thing about living in Perth? The Mediterranean climate, the water and the beaches. I grew up in a cold, high latitude climate. Perth is a real change from that. I like the opportunity to explore the vast countryside of WA, camping, 4WDing. What’s the worst? Perth is remote. I sometimes miss the snow, temperate rainforest & mountains of Tasmania. If you were stuck on a desert island what 5 things would you take with you? I would take my various language books to keep up the practice. I would upload my entire classical CD collection onto an i-pod (which I haven't got) I would figure out how to access my nonfictional library of books on-line. As I like to swim for fitness, I would take my bathers, goggles and some flippers. I would also take sunglasses, a hat and a beach chair, lots of food & wine. Last, but not least, who would you change sexual orientation for? Mmm - I do not know how to answer this question but... Portia Di Rossi (Editor’s note: Apparently the plan is to turn gay to turn lesbian Portia straight!)

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