(Sunrise at Pinecliff -‐ photo by Sally Anger ... - Neusiok Trail Run


(Sunrise at Pinecliff -‐ photo by Sally Anger ... - Neusiok Trail Run

(Sunrise at Pinecliff photo by Sally Anger)

2013 NTR RD Report,

The 2013 event was very successful from our perspective, perfect, of course not. While we strive for

perfection and realize achieving it is impossible. We approach all of our events with this understanding

“the ultra community is our” family. More important than anything we want you to feel that way. Our

focus is on delivering quality, not quantity. Accordingly the participant cap is more of a self-­imposed

number than anything else. We could get a permit to allow more spots, but prefer to grow into a larger

number to ensure above all else you leave NTR feeling like a member of our family, not like just a number.

Many thanks to all of our volunteers, and there are many. When we stressed, they stressed, when we

were calm, they were calm, above all else, they works their tails off, not for us, but for you, and we THANK


The race unfolded like this for me:

Wednesday 1/2: 4am wake up, 5am 6-­mile run, 7am depart for work (real job), 5pm depart for home,

6pm begin loading trailer, midnight finish loading trailer.

Thursday 1/3: 4am wake up, 5am last check of trailer loading, 6am website update to GY100 webpage,

6:15 depart for Goldsboro for RD’s meeting with another event, 7am RD’s meeting in Goldsboro, 8:15am

depart RD’s meeting for Oyster Point, 11am arrive Oyster Point, unpack trailer, set-­up Oyster Point Tent

(in rain), 1pm Ride bike to Black Jack Lodge to set up race flagging, 2pm, Ride bike down FS169 to set up

race signage, 3pm Ride bike from Hwy 306 south to set-­up race signage, 5pm trip to Morehead to Wal-­

Mart, Lowes, TAF and Little Cesars for supplies and food, 7pm start fire & eat cold pizza at Oyster Point,

9pm bed in tent at Oyster Point.

Friday 1/4: 2am wake up, 3am ride from Hwy 306 to Copperhead to set out water and Gatorade, 7am,

trip to town to get gas, 8am, ride from FS169 to Dogwood camp to set out water and Gatorade, 9am to

Havelock to pickup supplies for Young Marines, 9:30am breakfast, 10am Oyster Point meet Heather to go

get Van & supplies, 11am Get Van at Enterprise, 11:30am get water & firewood from Havelock Wal-­Mart,

Noon to Oyster Point to re-­organize supplies, 12:30 set-­up Finishers chute at Oyster Point, 2pm ride bike

from Pinecliff south to set-­out signs, 4pm At Oyster Point to organize supplies in Van and mix Gatorade

for Blackjack Lodge, 5pm meet Heather and kids at Packet pickup, 5:15pm pickup dinner for Heather and

the kids, 5:30pm Shower at Hotel, 6pm Meeting with Radio Volunteers in Newport, 6:05pm get call from

Forestry Service the finishers chute at Oyster Point needs to be moved, 7:15pm re-­do finishers chute,

8pm meet radio volunteers to carry gear to Blackjack lodge, 9pm to bed, 11pm wake up, midnight set-­out

signs and cones on roads

Saturday 1/5: 1am Set-­up tent at FS169, 2am Set-­up tent at Hwy 306, 3am Arrive Pinecliff and meet

volunteer to set-­up Race Start, 5am meet Heather & kids, start coffee and heaters, 5:30am registration

opens and continue setting up, 6:30 reconcile race rosters, 6:45am Pre-­race brief, 6:58 am start 100k,

7:02am start 43-­mile, 7:22am start 21.5-­mile, 7:22am to 7pm (too many race tasks to list) 8pm Pick-­up

Andy & take him to Hotel room, 8:30 take nap, 11pm wake up and depart for Oyster Point

Sunday 1/6 1am: tear down and pack-­up everything at Pinecliff, 2:30am tear down and pack-­up

everything at Hwy 306, 3:45am pack everything at FS169, 4am Nap in tent at Oyster Point, 6am Wake up

and begin packing Oyster Point, 8:40am Finish packing and leave for Hotel in Havelock, 9:15am

Breakfast, 10:30am, return van to Enterprise, 11:00 depart for home, 12:30pm, beer and a nap at home in

chair in-­front of TV, 4pm unload trailer with Heather & the kids, 9pm to bed

Monday 1/7 4am wake up, 5am 6-­mile run, 7am depart for work (real job)

What can I say after all of that? Oh my goodness I hope you had a wonderful time and I’M GLAD THAT’S


Putting on these events is a labor of love, meeting new people and spending time with friends and family

is really what this is about, that and making memories. I always finish up RD’ing events comparing notes

with Heather and the kids about everything we’re going to do differently next time and comparing

stories, yep stories about you. You all have provided memories and stories we will carry with us for a life

time. Here are a few that I won’t forget;

Seeing Ronnie Wed run like bat out of hell, all day, in a winter race wearing a Hawaiian shirt (grinning all


Seeing Tim Scott & John Daily coming into Oyster Point at the 21.5-­mile turn with their legs cut to shreds

from trying to avoid puddles and listening to the horrified gasps from my timing volunteers upon seeing

the blood running down their legs (while Tim & John were grinning from ear-­to-­ear)

Seeing Bedford Boyce finish 43-­Miles (looking like he had completed the evasion course and having no

idea why we were all laughing) of course we knew he had done a head plant somewhere (see the visor):

Gary Veen turning at the 43-­mile point saying “I head Wood Knocks, there is a squatch out there”.

Talking to Andy at the Hwy 101 on his way back toward Pinecliff in an attempt to finish 43-­miles, “Dad,

my feet feel like someone is poking needles in them, my hips are on fire, my stomach feels like I drank a

gallon of bad milk and my head is dizzy what can I do”. Dad to Andy, “This is normal, keep going”. Andy,

“Ok”. At this point I spoke to his pacer Andrew who has also crewed me many times. He said, “He is

definitely hurting, I cannot get a word out of him, and he’s limping bad”. Andy would do another 3-­miles

and pull out just short of finishing 38-­miles (below Andy at Hotel)

We lost every single traffic cone we own for our business due to traffic running over them. By Sunday

around 3am I was PISSED!!! I had the post event blues, was out in the field all alone picking up gear and I

rolled into AS1 (Hwy 306) one of the locations the Young Marines were working to see the tent set-­up. As

I peered inside the tent I saw all of the gear packed in the bin as-­requested, on the top of the gear was a

clip-­board. I leaned down to read it, this is what I saw (I died laughing), the cones seemed un-­important:

As always, putting on this event was a lot of work, has room for improvement and is something I cannot

wait to do again. Thank you all for coming, I look forward to seeing you all again soon (at another family


Brandon Wilson

RD, Neusiok Trail Run