Download the gas station lighting brochure - Philips Lighting

Download the gas station lighting brochure - Philips Lighting

Gas Station Lighting

A brighter way to pump up energy savings and sales


Gas station lighting

Lighting know-how

for the retail gas industry

Philips brings global innovation leadership, cost-effective lighting expertise and advanced

lighting products… right to your gas station.

We have a keen understanding of your need to deliver on brand image through lighting, while ensuring that

your luminaires also contribute to the smooth, day-to-day operation of your gas station. Our attention to

detail and proven illumination products go far to create a welcoming customer experience on all fronts.

With Philips, lighting can be designed to sell and not just save energy. So we make sure there is adequate

distribution of light while accenting high-margin store items. Also, our outdoor vertical lighting solutions

foster an increased sense of safety and comfort through reduced glare.

Providing the right combination of energy-efficient lamp, ballast, fixture and controls technologies,

including LED, Philips is on your way to increased energy savings and sales.

Content overview

How to benefit from a Philips Lighting retrofit

Under Canopy lighting - Mini 300 LED Gen-2

Under Canopy retrofit case study

Convenience store lighting

Area lighting

Car wash lighting







Gas station lighting 2


Gas station lighting

\\ See the value

of proper lighting

Brighter is not always better…

and dimmer is not always detrimental.

Light spilling away from the intended

surface or area can impact the

customer’s experience and

compromise safety.

Realize your potential

for energy savings

Lighting typically represents 30% of a commercial building’s electricity bill,

even more in gas stations. Now imagine cutting that expense by half.

Philips can make it happen.

As a retailer, you need to place the right amount of light where it is needed and when it is

needed to optimize returns on your lighting energy bill even more. Let Philips help your

business make the most of its lighting.

Our solutions let you achieve the right mix of energy cost savings and visual impact.

How to benefit from a Philips Lighting retrofit

Under Canopy lighting

Store lighting including freezer door lighting

Area lighting

In this example, the savings are achieved by making use of LED and highly efficient fluorescent

lighting technologies.


Installed Lighting: 36,779 kW1

Annual Energy Cost: $22,934


Installed Lighting: 11,268 kW1

Annual Energy Cost: $7,413

1) Estimates based on a preliminary audit. Final results depend on audit input data. Usage: 8,760 hours of operation per

year (24h/d) for in-store lighting; 3,650 hours of operation per year (10h/d) for under canopy and area lighting. Estimated

electricity cost of 10¢ per kWh in the US and 8¢ per kWh in Canada. Does not include estimated annual maintenance savings.

For full audit details please contact your Philips representative. Note: Values are based on Mini 300 Gen-1 luminaire.


up to


Gas station lighting 4


Turnkey retrofit lighting

solutions with fast payback

With Philips, you have all you need to drive up energy savings and brand appeal.

Our energy services team can provide the following to you:

Retrofit lighting design plan for your complete gas station.

Selection and installation of our most optimal energy-saving products.

Proper disposal/recycling of your obsolete lighting systems.

Maximum applicable tax, rebate and EPAct incentives.

Cost segregation measures for accelerated depreciation.

Guaranteed payback.

Service simplicity through one point of contact.

\\ Our goal is for you to…

Reduce your lighting

electrical costs by up

to 60%.

Achieve a simple payback

in less than 3 years.

Improve your lighting

and reduce your monthly

utility bill.

Gas station lighting

Your gas station could be operating

with lower energy costs and better

lighting. Let’s make it happen.

Retrofit on-site lighting to substantially

reduce lighting energy costs, help

improve convenience store sales and

fuel added interest in your brand.

Gas station lighting 6


\\ Low-energy lighting

Just where you need it,

when you need it

Gas station lighting

Why pay for full-power light when nobody is

there? Available dimming driver and standalone

programmable dimming light output when no

motion is detected.

Under canopy


Gas station operators are under constant pressure to lower operating costs. Here is an energy-saving

solution for under canopy lighting that can increase your safety, comfort, and visual experience.

Mini 300 LED Generation-2, a most advanced under canopy solution

This state-of-the-art under canopy lighting system delivers powerful and attractive energy-efficient LED illumination where and

when it is needed. Whether used as a retrofit solution or for new construction, it can have a significant impact on gas station

profitability, safety, and sustainability.

\\ Mini 300 LED Generation-2

Designed to attract and welcome drivers

IES cutoff classification providing night-friendly

lighting, with no glare in driving direction and

improved safety for drivers.

Design flexibility—Choice of symmetrical,

symmetrical shine, asymmetrical, and asymmetrical

shine distributions to accommodate gas station

forecourts of different sizes.

Typical light levels are adequate for vertical

(>15 Fc at pump level) and horizontal

(>20 Fc) planes.

Low-energy luminaire fueling added profits

Up to 85% energy savings as a retrofit solution,

each luminaire consuming only 109W at 100%

light output vs. 460W for a 400W Metal Halide.

Typical return on investment in less

than less 4 years.

Added savings from long life and low

maintenance design.

Values are based on cool white configurations.


up to


Optional light-on-demand solution

for added energy savings

When no one is there at night, why keep the

lights on at full brightness? With Mini 300 LED

Generation-2, light levels can be dimmed, one

pump at a time, when there are no customers

at a setting you can choose, typically down to

30% of the normal light level. This is still enough

to create perception of being open and provide

feeling of safety.

Gas station lighting 8


Gas station lighting

\\ Low-glare lighting

noticeably easier

on the eyes

By providing high light levels on the

vertical plane, the Mini 300 LED prevents

glare toward the driver’s eye, ensuring

superior comfort and safety.



\\ Case Study

GULF Station


Holtsville, NY

Lighting Turnkey Project Management:

Blair Company



Philips and Blair worked with the GULF station owner to strategize a

complete energy upgrade for the canopy, area and store. Partnering with

Philips, Blair developed a turnkey proposal to replace the current

lighting with energy efficient alternatives like LED.

How did they do it?

After an extensive audit, Philips and Blair made a proposal with new

lighting, like replacing the 400W Metal Halide fixtures in the canopy

with the new Mini 300 LED 137W. For the interior of the store,

both energy efficient fluorescent and LED lamps were used to reduce

energy consumption. Providing this as a turnkey project, a clear

proposal was created that included the lighting, labor, utility and tax

rebates and a guaranteed payback so the owner had one point of

contact for this renovation project and a ROI of >20%.

What was the result?

GULF Holtsville has made substantial gains in energy efficiency and

improvements in aesthetics and visual performance for the customers

due to significantly increased light levels.The scheme has created a

more welcome environment.The total energy consumption has

been reduced by 62%.

Gas station lighting 10


Accurately controlled beam

spreads directed towards vertical

gondolas and horizontal surfaces

enhance contrast and highlight

your merchandise… It’s the

perfect way to encourage impulse

purchases from the shelves and

the chiller cabinets.

Gas station lighting

Accent lighting creates

interest by emphasizing

certain areas and focusing

customer attention, for

example on high-margin items.

In the food section, our

solutions bring warm colors

to life, making the produce

on display irresistible.


store lighting

Attractive from the outside, designed to encourage impulse purchases on

the inside, our lighting solutions can put visitors in a buying mood and still

keep your energy bill at its lowest.

Good lighting sells more

Lighting can create an inviting ambience that attracts shoppers, so it’s a key consideration in any

gas station store. Optimizing your convenience store with superior lighting encourages impulse buying

of high-margin items. Our comprehensive range of products and lighting design support services

provide you with a tailor-made solution that can increase sales and reduce energy consumption.

Gas station lighting 12


Gas station lighting

\\ Philips ALTO II

Our most sustainable

lamping solution

Using innovative technology, Philips has

developed next-generation low-energy,

low mercury, long-life fluorescent T8 lamps

for the professional lighting market.These

revolutionary T8 lamps contain only 1.7mg

of mercury without compromising light

output. The 25W version lets you save

$28 in energy costs* over the life of the

lamp. The ALTO II line includes 25W,

28W and 32W 2W T8 types. Rated

average lifetimes imes up to 48,000

hours (with program

start ballast). ).

* Based on wattage e savings from replacing a 32W lamp (7W)

x rated average life ife (40,000 hours) x kWh rate (10¢).


up to


\\ LED Freezer and Cooler

Excellent total cost of ownership with

attractive payback times.

Up to 70% energy savings and 10 times fewer

lamp replacements needed.

Highly improved visual impression of both

the merchandise on display as well as the

entire freezer.

LED light source not directly visible.

\\ High Efficient Fluorescent Fixtures

Volumetric lighting on both vertical and

horizontal surfaces.

Provides up to 55 footcandles at less

than 0.7W/sq. ft.

Illuminates the ceiling plane to enhance

the shopping experience.

Perfect for retrofit applications and

new constructions.

\\ LED Recessed Downlights

Uniform color consistency from luminaire to

luminaire and superior efficiency up to 2,000

lumens thanks to proprietary Philips Remote

Phosphor technology.

Multiple color temperatures, finishes, either

cylinder, downlight or wall washer, round or

square, and multiple aperture sizes available.

\\ LED 2x2 and 2x4 Solutions

Long life energy efficient LED general lighting.

Up to 86lm/W LED for optimal efficiency

40% energy savings vs. fluorescent

Perfect balance between aesthetics and performance

50000 hrs life, 5-yr warranty

\\ LED Accent Spotlights

Ideal to put extra attention on your

high margin merchandise.

Offering up to 70% energy savings vs

incandescents over long lifetimes up to

50,000 hours.

\\ Decorative Sign Lighting

Endless range of colors, shapes, and lamp sources.

Helps emphasize high-margin areas, including

the coffee corner and magazine stand.

Helps create a new look for wall signs.

Gas station lighting 14


Gas station lighting


up to


Area lighting

Approach roads and parking facilities give motorists their first impression of your gas station.

The right lighting will make them feel welcome and safe, with good visibility and no dark,

gloomy-looking areas.

Enhancing safety

All of our luminaires are designed to provide precisely the right levels of light, at the right place, at the right time. Our white

light solutions improve visibility, making your parking lot and approach roads far safer after dark. Using energy-efficient light

sources for outdoor parking areas lit only at night will also make a big difference in your energy bills.

\\ LED Wall-Packs

30% to 50% energy savings vs. metal halide

and high-pressure sodium sources and 20%

reduction of the total cost of ownership

over the life of the product.

Features an accurate control of the light

source, no glare and full cutoff optics.

\\ LED Area Lighting

Bringing together aesthetics, efficiency, LED and

economics to reduce energy and have all the

maintenance benefits LED technology brings.

Gas station lighting 16


Gas station lighting

Car wash lighting

The car wash can be a valuable income stream for your gas station, as well as a practical and fun

value-added service for customers. Our low-energy, low-maintenance lighting solutions also help

make this entertaining service easy to manage for your staff.

Lighting the journey

The car wash is something that kids of all ages look forward to! You can help smooth the way to making it an even more pleasant

experience with lighting. Philips provides energy-saving luminaires for wet locations that make your car wash service more cost

efficient, in addition to being a destination of choice. For gas station owners that want to go beyond the functional, Philips also

offers a line of LED luminaires that can provide waves of changing colors to enhance each action and distinguish each zone.

Easy maintenance

During hours when the car wash is not in operation, Philips luminaires supply functional, maintenance-friendly lighting that

ensures a safe and comfortable atmosphere for staff to work in. Philips also offers a broad range of low-energy, low mercury,

long-life ALTO II fluorescent T8 lamps to achieve superior energy efficiency and maintenance savings.

\\ Industrial Extreme Water-Resistant

Models available in IP65 or IP67 ratings.

Available in many sizes and lamp combinations.

Energy-efficient lighting.

Wet location listed at 1,300 psi hose down.

NEMA 4x, IP66 and IP67 ratings.

Designed to minimize the retention of

liquids and debris when hosed off.

Water-clear lens with frosted ends

delivers right amount of light while

ensuring visual comfort.

Diffusers resist breakage and reduce

replacement and maintenance costs.

Gas station lighting 18

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