The Philanderian Dr. Frank James - Philander Smith College

The Philanderian Dr. Frank James - Philander Smith College

Fall 2011

The Philanderian

Dr. Frank James

Arkansas Civil Rights Honoree

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Celebrating the Renaissance of Philander Smith College 1



Bishop Charles Crutchfield with Dr.

Kimbrough at the President’s Luncheon.

Handling Business


remember an interview I gave soon after I arrived at Philander

Smith College. The reporter indicated that I was coming in after

some significant successes, particularly with funds raised for two

new buildings (the library and the Kendall building), as well as a new

residence hall. This work was part of what I call a physical Renaissance

of the campus- the work of Drs. Titus and Reed to improve the facilities,

moves that gave the college a nice presence in the downtown area.

I remember saying that my work would not be “sexy.” Based on my

initial weeks, I knew a lot of attention needed to be given to the details

of operating the college. There were great opportunities to improve

operations, and frankly, some significant challenges that needed to be

addressed. You don’t really make front page news for improving your

operations, but if you don’t handle business, front page news is bound to

find you.

So over the past seven years we have had a team effort to improve

the operations on this campus. Some of the work was basic. It was as

simple as pay bills on time! We worked to collect money regularly from students. I will never forget being told

my 3rd day on the job that we had over $1.5 million in uncollected student tuition and fees. Today, we collect

over 98 percent every semester.

We spent years working with the Department of Education to address issues raised in an audit, a report

that could have threatened the college’s existence. The successful resolution of that matter was a minor miracle.

New policies and procedures were instituted, and we employed best practices in managing our resources.

In December of 2011 we had our Board audit committee meeting. The fact that we had the previous year’s

audit completed in November, versus in May when I arrived, is a sign of great progress. I stepped out of the

meeting to take a call. When I returned 15 minutes later, they were done. There was nothing to talk about

because there were no audit findings.


Maybe this isn’t headline news. But when I think about the 8 findings from the Department of Education,

14 from the Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas, and the 10 internal audit findings, with all three

reports in 2005, I can hardly sit still! I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done in this area, and I love to

talk about it.

So when I learned recently that we were selected as a finalist for the Arkansas Business newspaper’s Nonprofit

of the Year, I was honored, but not surprised. While we’re still looking for ways to get better, we are

definitely handling business.

And handling business is, well, sexy.

Walter M. Kimbrough, Ph. D.

The Philanderian

FALL 2011


Walter M. Kimbrough, Ph.D.

Vice President For Advancement

Shannon Fleming, Ed.D.

Director of Public Relations

Shareese Kondo

Director of Alumni Affairs

Yvonne C. Alexander ‘73

Production Coordinator/Photographer

Dan Pierce

Board of Trustees

Mr. Bob Birch, Chair

Ms. Lynda Byrd ’69, Vice Chair

Dr. Freddye Davy ’53, Secretary

Rev. Artee Williams ’70, Treasurer

Dr. Emanuel Cleaver III ‘93

Bishop Charles N. Crutchfield

Rev. C. J. Duvall

Dr. Joycelyn Elders ‘52

Mr. Barnett Grace

MG (Ret.) Harold Gwatney

Mr. Rush F. Harding III

Dr. Frances R. Harris ‘76

Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson

Mr. Excell LaFayette, Jr.

Mrs. Pat Lile

Rev. C. E. McAdoo ‘69

Dr. Roddy McCaskill

Mr. Arthur Montgomery ‘68

Mr. Don Riggin

Rev. Larry Ross ‘69

Ms. Stacy Sells

Dr. Christy Walker

Mrs. Erma P. Williams ‘63

Dr Betty Dickson (Ex-Officio)

Mr. Anthony McIntosh (Ex-Officio)

Dr. Walter Kimbrough (Ex-Officio)

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5 President’s Luncheon

6 Giving

9 Annual Christmas Fellowship Breakfast

10 Cover Story: Dr. Frank James

12 Bless The Mic Lecture Series


13 Around Campus

24 New Choir Director

27 Academic Success Center


Save The Date!

May 3 - 6

A lumni

R eunion

W eekend

Honored Classes are:

‘62, ‘67, ‘72, ‘77, ‘82,

‘87, ‘92, ‘97, ‘02, ‘07

• Baccalaureate Service

• Commencement

• Jazz-Champagne Reception

• Alumni Picnic

• Campus Tours

• Alumni Celebration Banquet



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Greetings Philanderians,

My tenure as president of the National Alumni Association of Philander

Smith College will end on May 5, 2012. Although I may have faced

some challenges, my tenure has been an awesome and rewarding

experience. I have met and communicated with so many wonderful alumni,

and I am truly grateful for the support that I have received from all of you

during these four years. It confirms what I have always believed; Philanderians

are dedicated and extremely loyal alumni. If we are asked , we will respond in a

positive manner.

We should all be very proud of what we have been able to accomplish

during the past four years, particularly our increase in alumni giving.

According to Dr. Shannon Fleming, Vice President of Institutional

Advancement, alumni giving reached an all-time high of just over $500,000

for Fiscal Year 2010-2011. I hope that you are energized by the direction of

the National Alumni Association and Philander Smith, that you will continue

to give generously to the college, and that you will engage other alumni to

support the college as well.

Please begin making plans now to attend the 56 th Annual Alumni

Convention and the 4 th Alumni Reunion Weekend on May 3-6, 2012.

Numerous activities and programs are being planned, including the

unveiling of the updated Distinguished Alumni Wall and the 50 th Anniversary

celebration of the class of 1962. We will also have an opportunity to bid a fond

farewell to Dr. Kimbrough and to show him how grateful we are for his seven

years of dedicated service to our Alma Mater.

Finally, I would like to thank each of you, especially the members of the

Executive Board, for helping to make my term of service not only memorable

but also productive. I ask for your continued support of the new NAA

president and his/her administration. I challenge all alumni to work together

to continue our legacy of assisting Philander in providing a quality education

for our students. Let us carry out the mission of Philander, which is to

graduate academically accomplished students who are grounded as advocates

for social justice and determined to change the world for the better. Go,



Erma P. Williams ‘63

President’s Luncheon Honors

Bishop and Our Methodism

Celebrating Our Methodism” was the theme

of this year’s President’s Luncheon held Nov. 14

in the Nugent Center at Kendal Hall on campus.

Although it was the last president’s luncheon Dr.

Walter Kimbrough will preside over, the event was a

celebration honoring the work and service of Bishop

Charles Crutchfield.

“It has been refreshing and challenging, and

spiritually uplifting to be a part of a community that

takes its faith seriously,” said Crutchfield, who serves

on the Philander Smith College Board of Trustees

and who is retiring after serving seven years with

the Arkansas United Methodist Conference. In his

remarks about Philander Smith’s motto “Think

Justice” he quoted United Methodist’s founder, John

Bishop Charles Crutchfield and

his wife, Karen

PSC Board of Trustees Member

Authur Montgomery and Little

Rock Mayor Mark Stodola


Wesley: “There is no holiness, but social holiness.”

The Bishop’s wife Karen Jenkins Crutchfield joined

him at the table with Dr. Kimbrough and his wife,

Adria. Bishop Crutchfield was ordained a deacon in

the Oklahoma Conference by Bishop W. Angie Smith.

He was ordained elder in 1971 in the New Mexico

Conference by Bishop Alsie Carleton. He served in the

New Mexico Conference from 1969 until his election

to the episcopacy by the South Central Jurisdictional

Conference in 2004. He is currently serving as bishop

to the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist

Church, supervising 704 clergy who are serving in 689

local churches. The Arkansas Conference has 138,000

United Methodist members.

During the luncheon the Bishop praised Dr.

Kimbrough and his team for transforming this campus

into one where social holiness is being taught. “I’m

honored to have worked with Walter,” he said. “He has

made transformative changes in the lives of so many


Each year, the president’s luncheon is held as

a fundraiser to provide scholarships and to help

the college meet its yearly United Negro College

Fund goal. Several area business representatives

and members of the United Methodist Conference

attended the luncheon where more than 200 came to

celebrate the bishop, and mark Dr. Kimbrough’s final

appearance as president of Philander Smith College.

In addition to recognizing him during the luncheon,

Philander Smith College will award a scholarship to a

deserving student in Bishop Crutchfield’s honor. The

bishop was also nominated to receive an honorary

degree at the 2011-2012 commencement.

Choir director Jeff Parker does his job well during the luncheon.




Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Jesse Trice (fourth from right) with family members Sharon

Williams, Justin Trice, Jean Trice, Mary Lonnie Williams attend a

Jazz Brunch, Aug. 27, in memory and honor Jesse’s wife, Dr. Jill

Trice. The brunch was held to support the Jill Trice Endowment

Scholarship Fund.

Philander students call alumni as part of the annual phonathon.

There were 246 alumni donors who pledged $27,540 toward

student scholarships.

Members of The United Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., S.J.

Charitable Foundation, Inc. present the group’s annual

scholarship check to President Kimbrough. Each December

the Masonic Lodge and members of the Golden Circle, Order of

Eastern Star, travel to Little Rock to make their donation. Fred

Johnson Jr. is Deputy of the Orient of the Arkansas Council of


Pictured above are proud alums, Dr. Adell Thompson ‘54 and

wife, Jacque Thompson ’55 of Overland, KS showcasing their

much coveted Golden Alumni stole. We strongly encourage all

graduates of the Class of 1962 to participate in the Celebration

Banquet and be the 1 st in line to be honored as we bestow upon

your shoulders this most revered gift from the College.

The Key Cities program is hosted by local alumni chapters in

cities around the country. Philander Alums Earl Hardaway, Kevin

Cooper and Constance Franklin are shown at the Altanta Key

Cities event.

Officers and members of the Little Rock chapter of the Links,

Incorporated, the international community service organization,

recently presented PSC President Dr. Kimbrough a $10,000

check to show the chapter’s commitment to academically

ambitious students at HBCUs.


The following lists include donors whose generosity deserves special recognition

through membership in our most prestigious societies.

Mr. John Beuerlein

Mr. Robert Blue

Dr. Betty Caldwell

Mrs. Etta Carter

Family of Rev. Bill Carter

Mrs. Lula Carter

Judge L. Clifford Davis

Dr. Freddye Davy

Mr. C. J. Duvall

Dr. Joycelyn Elders

Gen. Elder and Mrs. Brenda Granger

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Banks

Ms. JoAnn Benjamin

Mr. Thomas Brown

Ms. Lynda Byrd

Ms. Etta Carter

Judge L. Clifford Davis

Rev. C.J. and Mrs. Karen Duvall

Dr. Sokoto Fulani

Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Shirley Green

Mr. Samuel Hamilton

Dr. Frances Harris

Mr. Bob Birch

Ms. Beverly Thompson Brooks

Ms. Etta Carter

Ms. Lula Carter

Ms. Jonnie Collier

Mr. James Crawford

Bishop Charles Crutchfield

Judge L. Clifford Davis

Dr. Freddye Davy

Mr. Lawrence DeLoach

Rev. C.J. and Karen Duvall

Dr. Terry and Mrs. Mishi Esper

Dr. Shannon Fleming

Mr. Frank Fletcher

Mrs. Brenda and Gen. Elder Granger

Mr. John Gray

Mr. Harold Gwatney

Mr. Rush Harding

Mr. Cleodis Howell

Dr. Frank James

Mrs. Carla and Mr. Terrance Johnson

M.L. Harris Society

Lifetime Cummulative Giving of $25,00 or higher

Mr. Harold and Mrs. Sybil Gwatney

Mr. Rush Harding

Dr. Frances Harris

Dr. Frank James

Rev. Walter L. and Mrs. Marjorie Kimbrough

Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough

Angela MacDonald

Ms. Ruth Morris

Rev. Victor Nixon and Dr. Freddie Nixon

Carmen Qualls

Dr. Eddie Reed

Minton Legacy Society

Members have included PSC in their estate plan

Dr. Howard Hill

Rev. Samuel Hinkle III

Mr. Calvin Jones

Mrs. Kathadaza Mann

Ms. Jearlene Miller

Rev. Victor Nixon and Dr. Freddie Nixon

Mrs. Blanche Oliver-Banks

Mrs. Joanette Payne

Mrs. Carreather Perry

Dr. Eulah Peterson

Ms. Alice Richardson

Renaissance 100 Donors

Four-year pledge of $1877 or higher

Mr. Kevin Jones

Rev. Walter L. and Mrs. Marjorie Kimbrough

Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough

Dr. Sterling King

Ms. Gena Lovett

Rev. C.E. and Mrs. Gloria McAdoo

Ms. Jerleane Miller

Mr. Arthur Montgomery

Mr. Ronald Newsome

Rev. Vic and Dr. Frances Nixon

Ms. Lillie Paddio

Ms. Carreather Perry

Ms. Eulah Peterson

Ms. Lupita Rasheed

Ms. Alice Richardson

Dr. Harry Roberson

Rev. Larry and Mrs. Lillian Ross

Rev. Cleo Smith

Mrs. Dorothy Smith

Atty. Issac and Mrs. Fran Starks

Dr. Sherman Tate

Mr. Harry Roberson, Jr.

Rev. Larry and Mrs. Lillian Ross

Atty. Jack and Mrs. Fran Starks

Dr. Sherman E. Tate

Mr. Jesse Trice Family of Jill Trice

Family of Jill Trice

Mr. Bennie and Mrs. Erma Williams

Mr. Claybron Wisham

Dr. Kathryn Worthen

Bishop Charles Crutchfield

Ms. Shirley Roland

Dr. Jacquelyn Sowell-Davis

Mr. Issac Starks

Mrs. Frances Starks

Mrs. Ashley Tinsley

Dr. Myer L. Titus

Mr. Jesse Trice

Mr. Manuel Twillie

Rev. Dr. Emery Washington

Mr. Claybron Wisham

Dr. Kathryn Worthen

Mr. Jesse Trice

Mr. Manuel and Dr. Gwendolyn Twillie

Dr. Christy Walker

Mr. Terry Wallace

Dr. Anika Whitfield

Ms. Edna Wiley

Mr. Bennie and Mrs. Erma Williams

Mr. Kevin Williams

Mr. Clayborn Wisham

Ms. Toni Witherspoon

Dr. Kathryn Worthen

Crews and Associates

Windgate Foundation

Centerpoint Energy

Darragh Foundation

The Links Inc., Little Rock Chapter

Riggs Benevolent Fund

PSC National Alumni Association

Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church



Message From The Vice President For Institutional Advancement

Dear Alumni:

A huge “THANK YOU” to the 700 of you who so generously gave this past year! As you will

read in the highlights below, we had record numbers in donors and dollars given from alumni.

We hope that all alumni will consider giving at their level of comfort. Your support is vital to

our continued efforts in offering a quality education to deserving students. Go to and give today!

Renaissance 100 Matching Grant Met

The $100,000 Challenge Grant from the Pat and Willard Walker Foundation for the

Renaissance 100 Scholars Program has been met. The purpose was to challenge existing

donors and acquire new donors to provide merit-based scholarships for incoming freshmen.

To qualify for matching funds, the donors agreed to give a minimum of $1,250. A total of 23 donors committed to the

challenge and as a result of their commitments, PSC will add an additional 28 students to the REN100 Scholars Program.

Major Gift Received from Estate Gift

A gift of $238,000 was received from the Estate of Norris Taylor of Fort Smith, AR. Norris Taylor, a long time CPA, was

inspired by the progress Philander Smith College has made over the past five years. Although, Mr. Taylor’s relationship

with PSC was limited, he saw the need to include the institution into his estate plans. Rick Watkins, nephew of Mr. Taylor

expressed “My uncle’s gift to Philander was a token of respect he had for your fine institution and its mission. He deeply

respected the wisdom of those that serve Arkansas through their leadership and stewardship. The spirit of his gift was to

return to the community in a way that might best enrich the lives of his fellow Arkansans.” The gift will be designated for

the new $18 million Campus Center and Mr. Taylor will be honored with a naming opportunity within the Center.

Gift from Anonymous Donor to Fund Endowment Challenge

An anonymous donor has given PSC a $250,000 Challenge Grant designed to impact the lives of several merit/need based

students by establishing named Endowed Scholarships with a minimum gift of $12,500. This challenge grant will serve as a

“call-to-action” to our donors and non-donors. As a part of PSC’s Alumni Leadership Initiative, the perpetual gift of annual

scholarships will not only increase our Endowment, but also, provide financial assistance to students who are equipped to

change the world for the better.

Alumni Giving at All-Time High

Alumni gifts for this past fiscal year were just over $550,000 and the percentage of alumni who gave was at 15.5 percent.

Both figures are all-time highs and are a testament to the commitment of Philander alumni. The 15.5 percent level ranks in

the top 10 of all UNCF institutions and is well above the 9 percent average giving rate for all HBCU’s.

Elijah Pitts Golf Tournament

Mark your calendar! May 11, 2012 is PSC’s Annual Golf Tournament. The entry fee is $400 per team in this four-person

format. The Shotgun Start is at 8 a.m. at the Rebsaman Golf Course in Little Rock. Funds raised from the tournament are

part of the UNCF fund-raising effort.

Alumni Reunion Weekend – May 3-6, 2012

Be sure to make plans to attend this year’s events. We will be honoring the classes of ’62, ’67,’72,’77, 82, ’87, 92, 97, ’02, and

’07. Contact us at 501-975-8537 for more information or visit our website at

Best wishes to all Philanderians!


Dr. Shannon Fleming, Vice President For Institutional Advacement

Holiday Breakfast Cheer

The Greater Little Rock Alumni Chapter of the

National Alumni Association of Philander

Smith College celebrated their 44th Annual

Christmas Fellowship Breakfast on Dec. 10. The

breakfast was held in the Nugent Center on the

campus with more than 200 people.

The 2011 Generational Honorees were The Motley

Family (Carolyn Motley-Taylor, Edna Motley Wiley

and Margretta Motley) and The Wiley Family (Harvey

& Ruby Wiley, John Wiley, Savoy Wiley, Thelma

Wiley, Jean Wiley, James and John Wiley Jr.)

The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Joseph L. Jones,

the first Director of the PSC Social Justice Initiative.

2012 Generational Family Honorees: The Motley family

2012 Co-Generational Family Honorees: The Wiley family


Dr. Joseph L. Jones Dr. Walter Kimbrough

Mr. Lawrence Hamilton Rev. Cleo Smith

Roderic Dunn welcomes the crowd while Theresa Webb prepares

to perform a tune on the piano.



James’ Actions Honored

in the City’s Walk

of Civil Rights Fame

Frank James has come a long way from the

19-year-old college student who was arrested

after being thrown out of a downtown Little

Rock retail store. That was March 1960 and since

then, the 72-year-old math professor has been

honored for his arrest and the courage it took for

him to participate in what are recognized now as lifechanging,

historical events.

Stroll along President Clinton Avenue and stop

in front of the Old Statehouse. Look down. Frank

James’ name is emblazoned into the sidewalk on a

brass lined placard. His name joins 10 others on the

An old newspaper photo showing Dr. James (at right in back)

along with fellow protestors and their attorney talking with the

prosecutor during arraignment.


Dr. Frank

Arkansas Civil

James ‘61

Rights Honoree

Arkansas Civil Rights

Heritage Trail.

The sidewalk


was dedicated

in July when

the state

honored several

participants of

the Civil Rights

era who traveled the country on a commemorative

tour recognizing the 50 th anniversary of the Sit Ins.

“I thought this was a pretty important memorial

they gave to those of us who at the time were

considered nuisances,” said James who also cofounded

the Arkansas version of the Student

Nonviolent Coordinating Committees (SNCC). James

and other college students in the 1960s staged the sit

ins at Woolworths to call attention to the retailer’s

discriminating practices. He was jailed on charges of

disturbing the peace. He returned to school and

proceeded to earn his bachelor’s degree

in mathematics in 1961.

“I was a full time student

at Philander Smith College

at the time and I knew

this was the right thing to

do,” recalled James. “I’m

honored to have this act

memorialized. Maybe

it will inspire students

who have yet to realize

that something like this

happened down here…

This shows that I made a

difference in the history of

this state.”

James was named

Vice President for Academic

Affairs in January 2007. In his

nearly 30-year-career at PSC, Dr.

James has served in various capacities,


including Interim

Vice President

for Academic

Affairs (October


2007); Chairman of

Mathematics and

Computer Science

(1988-2006); and

Director of Computer Information Services, and

Professor of Mathematics (1999-Present).

He is now responsible for the day-to-day

operations of the college’s Academic Affairs Division,

a team of professors and professionals who offer

curricula that lead to more than 15 degree programs

in six academic areas: Academic Success Program,

Academic Advising, the Donald W. Reynolds Library

& Technology Center, Institutional Research and

Assessment, as well as accreditation, sponsored

programs and grants.

He holds a master’s degree

in mathematics from the University

of Arkansas, and a Ph.D. in

mathematics from New York

University. He joined the

Philander Smith faculty

in 1999 after serving as

director of graduate

studies and professor

of mathematics at the

University of Arkansas

at Pine Bluff (1985-

1999). His other

professional experiences

include having served

as a lecturer at Queens

College in Flushing,

New York (1970-1971)

and assistant professor of

mathematics at Grambling

University (1965-1970).


Sisters Dominate Bless the Mic, but One Man’s Voice Heard Too



Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Cheryl “Salt” James

Michelle Alexander

The lineup of this semester’s Bless the Mic Series featured women

with strong messages and life experiences. The year-long series is

even called Season Seven: The Sisters Speak. However, one man did

bless the mic as our “Chopped and Screwed” speaker, who shared a

poignant message that connected with our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and

Transgendered population. Television anchor Don Lemon shared his

“coming out” experience as part of National Coming Out Week.

Sept. 20 – Omarosa –Business owner and first-to-be fired from Donald Trump’s

The Apprentice” show: “Set up your own personal board of directors. You need

a CEO, a spiritual advisor, and a homeboy. These people have your best interests

at heart. They will tell you the truth about yourself and still be willing to invest in

your choices.”

Oct. 17 – Don Lemon, CNN Anchorman: “I have lived with enough secrets. I

lived with the secret of being gay for a long time and secrets hurt me far more than

they protected or helped me. There’s no shame in being who I am in all moments.”

Oct. 11 - Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO, Green for All, one of the country’s

leading advocates for a clean-energy economy, and one of its most important

voices on the intersection of economics and environment. “My grandmother was

greener than a lot people are these days and she didn’t even know she was being

ecologically friendly. She used common sense with that grease can and reusing

glass, cans and newspapers.”

Oct. 20 - Cheryl “Salt” James, Hip Hop Icon, “Salt and Pepa” and former

television personality on her own reality show. “I didn’t take school seriously until

I had to in my senior year. I worked at Sears and went to community college to

discover my true skill was rapping. Pepa was my motivator. We were a team and

we still are.”

Nov. 8 - Michelle Alexander, Professor of law, at The Ohio State University,

Author, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

“Our criminal justice system is being used to re-enslave black men…Drug dealing

happens in all communities. But the war on drugs happens in the hood.”

Don Lemon


Obama Cabinet Member Visited PSC

as Body Justice Campaign Got Underway

U.S. Secretary of Health and

Human Services Director

Kathleen Sebelius

visited the campus when

Philander Smith College hosted

Little Rock’s Healthy Foods and

Active Living Summit on Sept.

28. The Summit attracted more

than 500 attendees who worked

to address the area’s challenges

to access healthy food. At this

event, the college launched its

Body Justice Project to encourage

students, faculty and staff to

become fit in body, mind and

soul. Through Body Justice, the

campus competes for prizes and

participates in fitness events to

promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The first Body Justice

participants to win prizes for their

weight loss and involvement in

the exercise classes were: Student:

Alex Erbmann; Staff: Veshon

Broadnax; Faculty: LaShunna


Kwame’s Visit to PSC Garners Prickly Reactions

When former Detroit Mayor

Kwame Kilpatrick

addressed students and

guests during the fall semester, more

than 200 phone calls, e-mails and

vehemently blasted Philander Smith

College. Mostly Detroit-area protesters questioned

Dr. Walter Kimbrough’s and Black Male Intiative

Director Michael Hutchinson’s reasons for inviting

the controversial figure to share his story. Days after

being released from prison on corruption charges

related to bilking Detroiters out of millions of dollars,

Kilpatrick visited PSC. The former mayor spoke

to BMI members and the public on Aug. 27. He

responsed to questions about his character, battles

with infidelilty, politics and his prison stay.




Federal District Court Judge Brian S. Miller

addressed those attending the Constitution Day

chapel service on Sept. 15. Miller has served on

the federal court system since being appointed by

President George Bush in 2008.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe addresses an

early morning crowd during a program called “59

minutes with Govenor Bebee.” The program was

held from 8 a.m. to 8:59 a.m. in the Nugent Hall of

the Kendall Center on Sept. 12.

The second largest freshman class in the

history of PSC moves in during New Student

Orientation. This class had more than 178

students register.

Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith Sr. speaks during Fall

Convocation, Aug. 26. He is Pastor Emeritus at

Allen Temple Baptist Church, and ranked in Ebony

magazine as one of the nation’s top 15 ministers.

Rae Lewis-Thornton addressed students during

Sex Week Fall 2011. A survivor of the HIV/AIDS

virus, she is a public speaker dedicated to rasing

awareness of how to live a healthy life with the


The grand opening of the Residential Life

Center Suite B occurred last July. Construction

plans are underway to raze the old men’s

dormitory to make room for new Campus Center.

Students, faculty and staff donated food to fill

more than 150 baskets for needy families during

the holiday season as part of Homeless and

Hunger Awareness Week Nov. 13 to 19.

Miss PSC Tezel Lightbourne (center) and

her Homecoming Court 2012 from left, Tamara

Bates, Veronica Maples, Nicole Beattie, and

Britt’nay Poole.


Shujaa Graham, Philander Smith College’s

Social Justice Chapel guest, appeared Oct. 27, in

the M.L. Harris Auditorium. Graham represents

the Witness to Innocence Project and was

wrongfully convicted for the murder of a Duel

Vocational School prison guard.

The Reactivation and Induction Ceremony of the

Pi Sigma Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu

Honor Society, on Oct. 13. Juniors and seniors

have to maintain at least a 3.3 GPA to qualify for

membership. Dr. Lloyd Hervey is the advisor.

These are the students who know that being

smart is cool.”


New Choir Director Keeps Standards High

Dr. Jeff Parker is the new choir director at

Philander Smith College and he’s prepared

to keep the standards high among the choral

singers and talent he’s recruiting and training. He’s

taken the choir to new heights and appearances this

semester that have garnered praise, accolades and

possibly new students.

“We’ve had some tremendous outpouring of love

and support,” said Parker, who joined the Philander

Smith faculty in August. A native of Hot Springs,

Parker has a bachelor’s degree from Ouachita Baptist

University, a master’s from Southwestern Seminary

in Fort Worth, Texas and a doctorate in musical arts

and choral conducting from the University of South


He says he’s prepared to do what the Philander

Smith College choir has always done and “that’s to

keep standards high and sing quality music to reach


people on campus, off campus and around the state

and country. We’re attracting students who want to

sing good choral music.”

Last semester, the 22-member choir and its

12-member chamber singers performed at Bethel

AME, Second Baptist Church, high schools in Pine

Bluff, Little Rock and at the University of Arkansas

for Medical Sciences CARTI event. For the spring

semester they’re scheduled to perform at Evangelistic

Baptist Church in North Little Rock, and at a Black

History Month event in West Memphis, Feb. 19,

at the West Memphis Auditorium at 3 p.m. Call

Dr. Parker, at (501) 370-5269 to book the choir or

chamber singers.

With accompanist, Theresa Webb, this year’s

choir consists of the following students:

Collegiate Choir

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Taneaka Brooks Caila Debose Brandeon Harris Ferreiz Cotton

Henrietta Charles Miracle Donnerson Ashton Hollowell James Patton

Crisshaundra Pullom Myisha Headen Trevor Ivy Chaz Washington

Jasmine Walker Nichelle Stephens Mike Davis

Ariel McFadden

Rachel Mitchell

Rykiera Murrell

Tatiana Robinson

Shelby Thomas

Shannon Young

Shanthea Rolle

Academic Success Center

Paves the Way to Graduation

The Academic Success Center at Philander

Smith College is where students learn firsthand

how serious we are about earning degrees

around here.

“I knew I needed help with math when I enrolled

here and I’ve been coming to the Academic Success

Center every day just about to get the help I need,”

said Floyd White, 20, a freshman from Little Rock

who touts the ASC as a campus resource he uses often

to help him succeed. “I’ve been going there since I

first started and I’ll keep going because they know me


The Academic Success Center opened in 2009

to help students get the most from their college

experience by providing services for students and

teachers. This is a center for students to learn to

achieve academically. The highlight has been to see

students graduate last year who would not have

graduated had they not done an exit interview.

Kendall Burroughs-Ray, 19, freshman from

Little Rock, said the Center boosted his confidence by

making his dream of graduating in four years with a

degree in computer science seem like an achievable


“I attended the Summer Enrichment Academy

and after the four weeks of classroom tutoring and

social skills building I saw dramatic changes in my

ACT scores and my Compass scores too,” he said.

The Center is a really good place for students to

interact with faculty outside of the classroom and get

tutored in areas where you know you’re weak.”

The Center offers a quiet study space and a

team of specialized tutors who provide helpful

workshops. ASC is also a source for one-on-one

assistance with homework. With developmentallevel

courses in math, English, and college reading

students can improve their grades and learning

styles. Some faculty spend up to two hours a week

tutoring in private sessions. Some they become

coaches to students who need extra time.

Carla Wood, director of the center said the center

sees 250 to 300 students a week and that at least

60 percent of them return. “The highlight has been

watching three of my students graduate who I know

would not have walked across that stage to get their

diploma had they not come the Center.”

The center touts an 80 percent success rate for

students who spend at least two hours a week getting

one-on-one help or participating in group study

activities or workshops.

Instructors benefit from the Center by gaining

a direct approach to getting students help

immediately. When an observant instructor notices

a student struggling or failing to show up for class,

an Early Alert System is put into place and the

Center contacts the student to advise, tutor or get

them back on track.

“Our records prove that instructors and the

institution do what’s necessary to help students focus

and succeed academically,” Wood said.



Please type or print clearly.


Philander Smith College Alumni Reunion Weekend 2012

Hosted by the Philander Smith College

May 3 - 6, 2012 - Little Rock, AR


Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss Last Middle First Home No Cell No.


Address City, State, Zip Code Email Address

Employer City, State, Zip Code Work Number (optional)


Large (Y/N) Class Year Alumni Donation for 2012

Indicate if you have ____ dietary or ____ disability-related requirements, attach a written description of your needs.

Early Bird Registration – Now through April 1, 2012 $85.00

General Registration – April 2 – April 30, 2012 $100.00

On Site Registration after April 30, 2012 (Cash or Money Order) $115.00

Individual Event Tickets


___ Jazz Luncheon $35 $_________

___ Alumni Cookout $15 $_________

___ Celebration Banquet $50 $_________

Total for Individual Tickets Purchased $_________


Please make checks payable to “PSC Alumni Reunion Weekend 2012”. Send your payment and this form to: Philander

Smith College, Office of Institutional Advancement, 900 Daisy Bates Dr., Little Rock, AR 72202. For additional information,

please contact Ileaa Kirby-Swift at (501) 975-8537 or send an E-Mail to

Refund Policy: Full refund less administration fee of $50 will be made upon receipt of written cancellation postmarked no later

than April 1, 2012.


Date Please Received make checks ___________ payable to “PSC Date Alumni Processed Reunion ______________ Weekend 2010”. Processed Send your payment by ______________

and this form to: Philander

Smith College, Office of Institutional Advancement, 900 Daisy Bates Dr., Little Rock, AR 72202

Amount: Cash$ ____________ Check #_______ Amount __________ Registration # ___________

Rev. 4/2010

Little Rock, AR 72204

Phone: (501) 664-5020 Fax: (501) 748-4758


Group Name: National Alumni Association Convention / Philander Smith College

Dates: May 3 – May 6, 2012

Reservation Code: PSC

Arrival Date: ________________________ Departure Date: ____________________

Room Type: 1 King Bed _____ @ $95 Honors #__________________

2 Double Beds ________ @ $105

Suites available upon request: Contact Janet Tate@501-748-4707 or e-mail at

Smoking Room ___________ Non Smoking Room ______________ Please Check One

***Reservation Cut-Off Date: April 7, 2012 (The hotel reserves the right not to extend the cut-off date).

To honor above rate, we require a guaranteed arrival in the form of cash or credit card. Rooms that are guaranteed and

not cancelled will be charged the first night’s room and tax.

Special Requests_______________________________________________________________________________

The Hilton Little Rock will try to honor special requests; based on availability. Requests can not be guaranteed.

Credit Card __________________ Number_____________________________ Exp. Date______________

Name _____________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________ City ________________ State _____________ Zip________

Telephone ________________________________ E-mail____________________________________________

Please send all forms to the attention of Janet Davis Tate, Senior Sales Manager at the above address.



Order Form for Souvenir Ads






The Greater Little Rock Alumni Chapter along with the Kansas City Chapter Souvenir

Booklet committee would like to encourage organizations, businesses, churches, alumni,

individuals and friends to place an ad or a dedicatory page in the 56 th Annual Alumni

Convention souvenir booklet to be distributed during the convention.

Black and White Ads New 2012 Pricing for Color Ads

Full page: $ 150.00 $200.00

½ page: $ 75.00 $100.00

¼ page: $ 50.00 $60.00

Business Card $ 35.00

Patron Listing $ 20.00

If you would like to take advantage of this great advertising opportunity, please do the


Complete the order form below

Please indicate the size of your ad:______________ Salesperson:____________

Attach your camera ready ad with a paper clip.

If you do not have a camera ready ad, we can create one for you; however, we will

need the wording that you want included. You may also provide a logo, business

card, and/or photo (if applicable).

Please mail your completed order form, ad materials and checks payable to:

“PSC Alumni-KC Chapter by April 1, 2012.

Address all correspondence to: Rachel Williamson

6031 Brooklyn Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64130

Phone (816)333-6018 Cell# (816) 718-2754


Thank you for supporting the 2012 PSC National Alumni Association Convention!

~For office Use only~

Type of Advertisement:_________ Method of Payment __________ CK#________ Amount_____

Please type or print clearly.


National Alumni Association Philander Smith College, Inc.

56 th National Alumni Convention

Little Rock, AR

May 3 - May 6, 2012


Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss Last Middle First Home No Cell No.


Address City, State, Zip Code Email Address

Employer City, State, Zip Code Work Number (optional)


Large (Y/N) Class Year Alumni Donation for 2012

Indicate if you have ____ dietary or ____ disability-related requirements, attach a written description of your needs.

Early Bird Registration – Now through April 1, 2012 $170.00

General Registration – April 2 – April 30, 2012 $180.00

On Site Registration after April 30, 2012 (Cash or Money Order)

Individual Event Tickets



___ Jazz Luncheon $35 $_________

___ President’s Reception $30 $_________

___ Alumni Cookout $15 $_________

___ Celebration Banquet $50 $_________

___ Souvenir Booklet $25 $_________

___ Hospitality Room $25 $_________

Total for Individual Tickets Purchased $_________


Please make checks payable to “PSC Convention 2012”. Send your payment and this form to: Greater Little Rock Alumni

Chapter, PSC Alumni Convention 2012/P.O. Box 55644/Little Rock, AR 72215. For additional information, please contact

Wilma Toombs at (501) 982-9555 or send an E-Mail to or Yvonne C. Alexander, (501) 370-5271 or


Refund Policy: Full refund less administration fee of $50 will be made upon receipt of written cancellation postmarked no

later than April 1, 2012.


Date Received ___________ Date Processed ______________ Processed by ______________

Please make checks payable to “PSC Alumni Reunion Weekend 2010”. Send your payment and this form to: Philander

Amount: Smith College, Cash$ Office ____________ of Institutional Check Advancement, #_______ 900 Daisy Amount Bates __________ Dr., Little Rock, Registration AR 72202

# ___________

Rev. 4/2010



2012 National Alumni Convention

Mrs. Erma P. Williams, National Alumni President - Presiding

THURSDAY, May 3, 2012 Event Location

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Convention Registration Hilton L.R. 3 rd Floor Ballroom Area

10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Executive Board Mtg. Peabody Suite

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Lunch on Your Own

1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Opening General Session - Agenda Hilton LR

Greetings – Rev. Cleo Smith, Convention Chr.

Introduction of Executive Board

Minutes of 2010 Convention

Report from Executive Board Mtg.

Resolutions Committee – Mrs. Ozaree Twillie

Nominations and Handbook-Ms. Barbara B. Jordan

3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. State of the CollegeDr. Walter M. Kimbrough

4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Financial Secretary’s Report – Mrs. Alice S. Richardson

Treasurer’s Report – Atty. Isaac Jack Starks

Budget Committee Report (First Reading) – Dr. William Rush

New Business / Announcements


5:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. NAA Regional Caucuses Hilton LR

5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. NAA Committee Meetings Hilton LR

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Alumni Choir Rehearsal Hilton LR

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Welcome & Fond Farewell Reception (Mardi gras Theme) Hilton Ballroom

Hospitality Room Open Room 3102

Friday, May 4, 2012

8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Convention Registration Hilton LR A/D

9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Second General Session - Agenda Hilton LR A/D

Greetings – Ms. Jearlene Miller, Convention Co-Chr.

Committee Reports

Finance – Mr. Ronald Newsome

Budget – Dr. William Rush

Audit -

Life Membership – Mr. Herman Davis

Distinguished Alumni – Mrs. Shirley Brown

Distinguished Alumni Wall l- Mrs. Etta F. Carter

Resolutions – Mrs. Ozaree Twillie

Constitution and By-Laws – Judge L. Clifford Davis

Tellers Committee – TBA

Other Reports

Class Agents – Mrs. Lillie Tyler-Paddio

UNCF – Dr. Kathryn Worthen

New Business / Announcements


11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Travel to PSC/Dist. Alumni Wall Dedication Meet in Lobby for Transportation

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ARW/NAA Jazz Champagne Reception PSC Kendall Bldg.

2:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. Return to Hilton LR

2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Closing General Session - Agenda Hilton A/D

Time and Place Committee – Rev. Marva Watts

Institutional Advancement – Dr. Shannon Fleming

Admissions & Recruitment- Mr. Al Dorsey

New Business / Announcements


Memorial Service – Chicago Chapter


4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Executive Board Meeting Hilton A/D

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Alumni Choir Rehearsal Hilton Hotel

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Baccalaureate Service PSC/ M. L. Harris Auditorium

7:00 – Until Hospitality Room (Food, Fun, & Fellowship) Hosted by Ohio Chapters- Ballroom A/D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

10:00 a.m. –12:30 p.m. Commencement Service Statehouse Convention Center

1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Alumni Cookout PSC/Kendall Bldg.

Class Meetings/Class Gift Tally PSC Campus

. Campus Tours

3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Free Time/Choir Rehearsal (if needed)

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 4TH Annual Celebration Banquet Hilton/Grand Ballroom

Featuring: The Alumni Reunion Choir

Honorees: M.L. Harris Society/PSC Golden/ Silver Alumni

Distinguished Alumni Award/Minton Legacy Society

Recognition: Alumni Contributors – June 2011-June 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

10:45 a.m. Worship Service: PSC Day Wesley Chapel UMC

Mrs. Dorothy V. K. Jones ‘53 Feb. 2011

Richmond Heights, Mo.

Mrs. Shirley Ann Green ’68 March 2011

Malvern, Ark.

Ms. Faye A. Arrington ‘61 May 2011

Little Rock, Ark.

Mrs. Bama Nash Gardner ‘67 May 2011

Little Rock, Ark.

Mrs. Clara “Ween” Smartt- Rivers May 2011

Chattanooga, Tn.

Rev. James E. Wiley ’60 Sept. 2011

Little Rock, Ark.

Mr. William Robert Wiley ‘67 January 2011

Blytheville, Ark.

Mrs. Lula Patton Lewis ‘63 August 2011

Chicago, Ill.


January 2010 – December 2010

Loving Memories Live on Forever …

Mrs. Vanilla Woods Trice ’45 September 2011

Augusta, Ark.

Mrs. Thelma Green Dozier ‘43 September 2011

Chicago, Ill.

**Former Faculty/Administrators of Philander Smith College

In Remembrance of Our Beloved...


Mrs. Elsie B. Black ’52 November 2011

Little Rock, Ark.

Mrs. Naomi Campbell Moody ’70 November 2011

Chicago, Ill.

Mrs. Myrthene Wroten ’65 November 2011

Little Rock, Ark.

Mr. Robert Earl Thompson ’70 October 2011

Stockton, Calif.

Mrs. Luella Cooper October 2011

St. Louis, Mo.

Mrs. Oneida Butler’62 October 2011

Chicago, Ill.

Mr. Charles Carr ’71 December 2011

McGehee, Ark.



900 Daisy Bates Drive, Little Rock, AR 72202

Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


Permit No. 2469

Little Rock, AR 72202

Miss PSC Coronation

Miss PSC 2012 Tezel Lightbourne was

crowned Sept. 24 at a ceremony held in

the M.L. Harris Auditorium. She was

crowned by Mrs. Adria Kimbrough, Dr.

Walter Kimbrough, and their two children

Lydia and Benjamin. To the right is Akin

White who served as the crown bearer.

She was escorted by and danced the

traditional waltz with Mr. Geoffrey Shiloh.

Watching them waltz are Ms. PSC first

runner up, Larissa Connett and her escort

Mr. Terry Anderson.

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