Never did the sunlight fall on two so different, yet so

akin. Law had indeed inscribed her terrors on the person

of her minister he had a high square forehead, straight

black eyebrows, and two dark stedfast eagle-looking eyes,that

evidently would not wink at anything. His nose was Roman,

which, like a buttress, served to support his face in its

massive dignity ; and his mouth was rather wide, with two

almost invisible thin lips which were always pale from

habitual compression. In complexion and texture his skin

resembled parchment, and seemed equally devoid of life

and feeling. Draco indeed, when he wrote his laws in blood,

must have derived his fluid from the veins of some such stern

worshipper of Themis, seeing that it was an ink nothing

akin to those which are called sympathetic. No impulse of

human passion, love, hate, anger, or grief, ever altered the

hue which dwelt on the obdurate visage of the magistrate,

whom a romantic fancy might have taken for the Cadi of

that oriental city in the Arabian Nights whose inhabitants

were all turned into marble.

In figure he was very thin, very tall, and very erect, so

that with his forbidding countenance at top, he might be

aptly compared to a ' ' take notice " board, promising prosecution

and persecution, according to law, to all trespassers

on the wide domains of the statutes at large. On the

Bench indeed, he held himself so stiffly upright in person,

and so staunchly inflexible in feeling that, as a waggish

London attorney once remarked, " he seemed actually to

have swallowed the sword of Justice."

By the side of this portentous personage stood the fairylike

Grace, the sunshine transmuting her auburn locks into

gold, and glistening in her gentle

liquid, as violets bathed in dew.



deeply blue and

rocks have their

flowers, and deserts their fountains: and from the hard

arid nature of the parent sprang a beautiful plant, so instinct

with a gushing sympathy for human sorrow, as to resemble

that weeping tree which refreshes the parched inhabitants

of earth with the moisture it has collected from heaven.

Too seldom was she allowed to intercede between justice

and its victims ; but when she did, she was like the angel

in Sterne, who dropped a tear on the indictment, and blot-

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