him talk,, you would take him for a Judge Jefferies. But

he always does justice to every one but himself."

" I am sorry, Grace," said the magistrate in a severe

tone, " that a child of mine should indulge in such a

speech without perceiving that it involves a serious censure

on her parent. I never pretend to discharge my duty by

threatening when I ought to punish. Ill indeed would it

become me by undue lenity to impeach the mildness of

those laws which have been framed by the equity, the wis-

dom, and the humanity, of the three estates of the realm.

As such, I am imperiously bound to dispense their pains

and penalties according to the letter, without stint or ex-

tenuation, fear or favour ; and I trust I may be forgiven

for saying that I have invariably dealt the same impartialmeasure

to all high or low, rich or poor."

" Why truly," said Sir Mark, considerately stepping in

to the rescue of poor Grace, who looked distressed at her

father's rebuke, " I should be very sorry to fall into your

worshipful hands with no better defence than my Baronet's


" Sir Mark, I am deeply obliged by so flattering an

opinion," said the Justice, with a grave bow and a grim

smile, " which I hope I shall continue to deserve while I

have the honour to remain in the commission. Alike unshaken

by popular clamour or private prejudice, the terrors

the wholesome terrors of the law shall never be frit-

tered away in my hands by mistaken mitigations. Mercy

to the individual is cruelty to society."

" And mercy to society is cruelty to the individual,"

said Sir Mark gaily, " when it deprives a gouty prisoner

of the usual visits of an old friend and a young favourite.

You are sadly missed, Grace, at the Hall ; old Deborah

has no one to ask after her asthma, old Ralph the gardener

has nobody to gossip with him about his flowers, and

Ralph's old master has nobody to sing songs to him Jike a

May nightingale."

" I have neither forgotten the Hall nor its kind inhabit-

ants," replied Grace, " though I may have seemed a little

remiss. I . ought indeed to have inquired before after my

young friends. The bold Ringwood, who used to furnish

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