" Why, as for my property," answered Twigg, " I can't

say she has ever taken so much as a stick out of a hedge,

or a mushroom from a field ; and so far from begging, the

I ever chucked to her she duck-and-draked

only copper

into a ! pond My lady, thinks I, if you'd begun life like

me you'd know a hapenny's a hapenny."


There is something mysterious about her, that is cer-

tain," said Miss Twigg ;

" and she mutters to herself so

I should fancy she was a witch, only she does not look old


"I believe, mem, J '

inquired Mrs. Twigg, addressing

Mrs. Hamilton, " you are a good deal troubled with witches

in Scotland ; I have been reading about them in Macbeth ?"

" They are not so rife in the north, madam, as they

were two hundred years ago," replied Mrs. Hamilton, with

difficulty composing her " face. Some few, and especially

the Highlanders, still believe in the influence of the evil

eye ; and attribute to it a mortality among their cattle, or

a dearth in their dairies."

l( You hear that, Mr. Twigg," said his lady with an

awe-struck face and a tone almost


sepulchral. We

make no butter with four cows, and haven't a drop of

cream to our teas- And as to cattle going into the Bills

of Mortality, didn't four sucking-pigs die of the measles

last week, just as we'd made up our minds who to send

'em to ? And didn't all our chickens go in pips as fast as

they was ready for the spit ? And didn't the calf disappear

the very day after it was weaned as if by magic ? Sir

Mark, pray what is your opinion ?


Faith, madam, said Sir Mark, tf it's my belief there

isn't a witch in the parish, let alone little Grace here.

And if Grace had an evil eye in her head, she would have

murrain'd a cross-grained cow that chased her last summer,

but Ringwood ran up just at pancake-time, and stopped

the tossing."

" And pray, Mr. Justice Rivers, what is your opinion of

our strange losses ? " inquired the bewildered Mrs. Twigg.


Felony, madam larceny petty larceny fraud

embezzlement, and breach of trust," responded the Justice;

" and the proper is remedy confinement whipping

H 3

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