call " "

A bidding in two : places and at the very same

moment that completed her maternal adoption in the drawing-room,

the paternal shout and view-holla of Sir Mark

ascended from the dining-room, in honour of his daughterelect.

It suggested no other idea, however, to the ladies but

that either he had broken cover with some never-sufficientlyto-be-recorded

fox; or that he had taken abundance of

wine, and would be the better for a never-sufficiently-tobe-announced

cup of tea. Accordingly, Mrs. Hamilton

rang for the equipage, and made tea; and at about the

sixth summons the gentlemen put in an appearance at her

table, both certainly a little elevated, but by joy rather than

the juice of the grape. Indeed, the Baronet's head was so

full of his favourite idea, that with an abstracted air he

walked straight up to Grace, and gave her a hearty kiss, to

the infinite astonishment of the young lady as well as his

sister ; and not a little to his own, when he recovered his

recollection. The Justice alone, who was in the secret, and

guessed what was passing in the mind of Sir Mark, conceived

at once that the salute was anticipatory of the marriage

ceremony, as was really the case ; and his grim smile,

at the sheepish look and awkward apologies of the Baronet,

was the signal for a general laugh. All the parties were

indeed in higher spirits than usual, and the evening passed

away cheerfully, and before they separated Sir Mark insisted

on Grace singing one of her songs, in token that she had

forgiven him for making her blush.

Grace immediately seated herself at a piano, which in those

days was reckoned a very grand one, though much such

an instrument as a petty tradesman now selects at a broker's

for a present to his daughter from boarding-school. After

a short prelude, she sang to a plaintive Scotch air the fol-

lowing words, which, as a corollary to what had passed in

the dining-room, made the two fathers exchange some very

significant glances.

" My mother bids me love a lord,

My father does the same ;

But then my heart has made a choice

Of one I will not name.

My parents' frowns reject the suit,

Their angry words reprove,

But, oh ! I cannot love the man

My mother bids me love


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