relationship originating in sporting, like that of Cotton,

the angler, with " his Father Walton."

He acceded, therefore, with great glee, to a proposition

from Sir Mark, that they should ride together on horseback

as far as the first stage, to meet and welcome the

young Collegians ; while Dick the huntsman, and the

whipper-in, should follow with led horses, for the use of

the students.

" A clever little nag that," said the Squire, after a long

one-eyed look at a brown gelding, that Dick was leading,

" knows how to go capital action."

ft A picture, isn't he ? " said the Baronet. " I bought

him last week, by way of a surprise to Ringwood. He

was bred by old Toby Sparks, at Hollington ; by Jiggumbob,

out of Tolderol, by Diddledumkins, Cockalorum, and

so forth."

" An odd fish old Toby," said the "

Squire, always

gives 'em queer names can jump a "

bit, no doubt ?

" He jumps like a flea," said Dick "

; and as for gallop-

ing, he can go from anywhere to everywhere in forty

minutes,, and back again."

"Glad of it/' said Ned; "just the thing for Ring-


wood all ready, eh ! here he looked at his watch


And away they trotted, the Squire keeping his horse a

little in the rear of the Baronet's, a position which enabled

him to divide his conversation between Sir Mark and the

huntsman, who now and then exchanged a sentence with

the whipper-in, as he followed with two led hacks; and in

this order they took to the road. Occasionally, at a signal

from the Squire, they slackened or increased their speed ;

and so well did he time the pace, that they arrived at the

* * * *

Green Dragon at

as the Oxford coach


stopped to change horses.

" Well, my boys, welcome home again," said the

Baronet, shaking them successively by the hand; while

the Squire, after a nod a-piece, gave Ringwood an affec-

tionate slap on the back that would have corrected a

smaller child.

" Been tooling the tits, eh ? " he said ;

i 3

" very pretty

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