letter from the same suspicion, and I believe he feels hurt

that St. Kitts undertook to deliver it."

* f A likely cast, Raby," said the Baronet, " and my own

observation owns to the scent. Ride up, man, ride up,

and I will soon see if it holds good."

In a few minutes they rejoined the others, and Sir Mark

rode up to the Creole and asked for the letter.

" I have had a severe struggle, sir," said the latter,

" between friendship and conscience, whether to suppress

or deliver this unlucky paper, guessing the contents to be

unpleasant to Ringwood, and I believe friendship would

have got the better, but Raby's mention of it leaves me

no alternative." So saying he delivered the letter to the

Baronet, who thrust it unopened into his pocket.

" You hear that, Ringwood," he said, addressing his


eldest son. Your cousin intended to hush it up. Take

to kindness, and shake hands, boys, shake hands at once.

You must pack better together, or it will break my

heart. I fancied I could cover you all with a sheet."

" For my own part," said St. Kitts, " I am perfectly

ready to forgive and forget any personal cause of offence,

and which possibly originated in my own misapprehension.

Will my cousin not say the same, now I have

spared him the humiliation of "

making the first advances ?

But Ringwood remained silent. The Squire, however,

again rode in between and endeavoured to join their hands,

almost pulling the West Indian from his saddle in the


" "

Still mute ! exclaimed the Baronet, rising in wrath.

" Don't forget, Ringwood my temper is

spicy and if

I once get in a passion Zounds, sir, shake hands at

Jove !

once, or I will dismount you, I will, by

ie At your command, sir, I must," answered Ringwood,

reluctantly extending his hand towards his cousin, while a

sudden rush of blood to his face showed that a slight smile

of triumph in the Creole had not escaped his notice. " It

is your turn to-day," he muttered, " it will be mine tomorrow."

" That's well, boys," said Sir Mark, his face beaming

with pleasure at what he deemed "

the reconciliation. As

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