f '

Try her, St. Kitts, try her," exclaimed Sir Mark,

" now we have found her, let us give a good account of

her ;

let her open, man, and we shall soon see if she gives

tongue to the right tune." Here he drew St. Kitts aside,

adding, in a lower tone, " let her cross your hand with a

crown though, for she is not one of the common sort."

In obedience to this direction, St. Kitts gave her a

crown, which she immediately transferred to the huntsman,

with the air of one accustomed to bestow such largess ;

making Dick stare with as much amazement, as if he had

seen with his own eyes a hare turning into a witch. He

lifted his hand as if to touch his hat, but checked his arm

midway, and then sat twirling the coin between his finger

and thumb, with a ludicrous look of appeal towards

his master ; partly in doubt whether he ought to accept it

from a distressed gentlewoman, and partly in fear that the

money was from the Devil's mint, and would burn a hole

in his pocket.

" "

Pouch it, Dick ; pouch it ! said Sir Mark,

in an

aside. " If you don't fancy her herself, you can drink it

to the health of the Lancashire Witches, or any others you


Accordingly Dick pocketed the piece, whilst St. Kitts

extended his hand to the fortune-teller, who grasped it between

her own, and even kissed it, muttering inaudibly,

and at the same time trembling so that it was visible to

the eye, as if feeling, or affecting to feel, the prophetical

agitations of the ancient sybils.

" There is a black cloud," she said, " over your star,

but there is a bright sun in store. Remember me ! The

past you do not remember the present you do not under-

stand the future you cannot foresee. But I know it all.

Remember me ! You have but one present trouble ; and

it concerns a gold ring for a lady's finger."

" Hark


to ! Gipsy shouted the Baronet

" the old


story, by Jove! To her ! St. Kitts ! to her, to her

again ! What odds she don't name the lady


I "

hope, Sir," said St. Kitts, you are already satisfied

of her abilities as a Pythoness. So far from thinking of

marriage, I give you my honour 1 am not even an hour

? "

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