IT is now above six years since the present work was

first issued a lapse of time often sufficient to make

a novelty of a modern novel. Indeed, during the interval


Tylney Hall" has been as much retired from

the stage as Mr. Charles Kemble, although destined,

like that gentleman, to make an unexpected re-appearance.

A large impression having been sold in the

first instance, and the work being in the hands of

publishers (Messrs. Baily & Co. of Cornhill) remarkable

for seldom or never bringing out second editions,

the book appeared to have already fulfilled its destiny,

when Mr. Bentley enlisted it, and gave it a place

amongst his " Standard Novels."

" Tylney Hall" was the first attempt of the Author

in what some military writer has called the "three-volley

line," from the number of tomes assigned to such performances.

There was no popular predecessor, there-

fore, to bespeak for it a public welcome ; but in the

absence of any particular expectations elsewhere, a

certain degree of local interest was excited in favour

of the book in the county of Essex, an interest

curiously illustrative of the common relish for a condiment

which is often looked for, and is sometimes found

A 4

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