the slime of original sin, and the hlight of the universal

curse to involve Hope and Joy, like the sons of Laocoon,

in the endless folds of the old Serpent to exhibit

this wondrous fair creation hovered over, not by an em-

blematic dove, but a ravening vulture to invest the

Deity himself identically with the fiendish attributes of

Satan yes, even this horrible and blasphemous transfiguration

passes with some depraved minds for piety and

an act of service to religion ; as if from such a faith to infidelity

would not be an alluring and natural transition.

The spiritual calling of Uriah was of no slight advantage

to his worldly interest ; his customers never thought of

weighing tea or soap after such a pattern of sanctity ; they

were gravel-blind to the sand in the moist sugar, and di-

gested the pebbles in his currants like so many ostriches.

In promoting the consumption of one article, indeed, his

preaching had a direct effect ; for Uriah dealt in candles,

and so effectually had he stuffed the imaginations of his

juvenile hearers with devils and pitchforks, and cauldrons

of boiling brimstone, that half the poor children of the

parish would not sleep without a rushlight in the room.

It may be doubted, therefore, whether he would have attacked

the proprietor 'of the Hive quite so offensively,

if he

had not happened to receive a consignment of goods by the

same waggon which carried Twigg's hardware to Hollington,

a circumstance from which the shopkeeper inferred

that the family was generally to be supplied from London,

instead of patronising his own emporium. A man's private

affairs are generally considered sacred from intrusion, and

his religion is, or ought to be, held the most sacred of his

private affairs ;

but our ranter felt no delicacy or diffidence

in accosting a perfect stranger, and prying into the con-

cerns of his soul. is Modesty no characteristic of the fraternity,

and, to use Uriah's own words, whenever he took

the work in hand, he rubbed his face over with a brass

candlestick. The sequel has been told. Twigg took to

and the preacher, with a triumphant flourish of

his heels ;

his stick, resumed his course, exulting that he had made a

sinner shake in his shoes ; and moreover a sinner that in-

dulged in the vanities of blue and orange liveries, a stately

coach, and a heathen behind, as black as Beelzebub himself.

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