and I wouldn't have your precious wounds fester'd and

aggravated by cankerous brass candlesticks, and spouts of

earth as

copper kettles ; there a'n't so many saints upon

I'll go and unload, and be back in the

one can be spared.

singing of a hymn."

" "

Stick as you be ! bellowed the ranter ; and in a

moment he was hanging at the back of the cart, where he

had no sooner introduced his head under the tilt, than a

female face bolted out at the front, enveloped in a huge

straw hat, decorated with what a gardener would call a

"remarkable fine blow" of ribands. A body followed,

clad in pink muslin, with abundant flounces, and white

cotton stockings, bound round the ankles with the yellowstrings

belonging to a pair of tarnished satin sandals. The

young lady was handed from the shaft with more haste

than gallantry, by the abashed Jedadiah, who jumped

down after her, and, like a tethered lamb, stood as distant

as a grasp of the long reins would allow him, to receive

the rebuke of his principal.

" " A Jezabel, a Jezabel ! roared the voice of Uriah,

from the interior of the cart, whilst the girl scudded off like

so-ho ! from all the huntsmen.

Truly," cried Jedadiah, " the Wicked One has abused

a hare, provoking a merry

my senses. She seemed as modest a damsel as ever begged

a lift, being bound to see a sick mother, and her feet

blistered with long travel."

" "

Drive on ! growled the voice of the ranter "

; drive


home ! But the huntsman interposed, and spoke in at

the front of the "

cart. Zounds, Uriah, put us on the

scent a bit. Tell us how you got your hurt. Who did


" A man a man," answered Uriah, impatiently, his

voice now getting weaker.


Well, but tell us his markings, boy," said "

Dick, and

I'll take him if he's within twenty mile, at kennel, or on

the pad."

" Short and stout made," said the ranter, hatching a

lie circumstantial,

" with a hard face and a wicked eye

red hair bandy legs."

" That will do," cried Dick.



Jump up, youngster,

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