oughtn't to lose their tempers. But it might be earnest

after all. Miss Twigg's a smartish girl, with lively black

eyes, and pouting lips, and so forth, and a spanking figure,

with good action to boot, and might get a stride or two

before Grace in the Creole's fancy ; those West Indians

don't think as we do."


St. Kitts was Grace's champion," replied Raby.

tf The devil he was !" ejaculated the Baronet. "


this beats ! cock-fighting They say, Kate, there's no ac-

counting for tastes, and, in fancy matters, I believe like

does not always pair with like ; but think of Raby here,

bookish and poetical and sentimental, and so forth, and

that always rides a pony or a galloway, standing up for a

slapping, bouncing, high-couraged girl, that looks only

half-broke, like Miss Twigg."

" My dear aunt," said Raby eagerly, " pray think of no

such incongruity.

It was Ringwood who found a goddess

at the Hive, and set her on a pedestal above Grace and her

three namesakes."

The speaker intended no wound ; but his words pierced

Sir Mark with the pang of a gaunch from a wild boar, or

His first impulse was towards

a gore from a stag at bay.

the checkstring and the carriage window, that he might

call the refractory admirer to task ; but the presence of his

sister put him in mind of her admonition, and he remained

passive. In the meantime it gave him some consolation

to reflect whither they were going, and on the irresistible

attractions of his first favourite, whose portrait his imagination

painted in the most glowing colours ; and then he

amused himself in bedaubing and disfiguring the full-length

he had lately drawn of Miss Twigg, till, like the ideal lady

in the Rivals, " she had a hump on each shoulder, a skin

like a mummy, a beard like a Jew, was as crooked as a crescent,

and rolled her one eye like the bull in Cox's museum."

He then mentally held up the two pictures for comparison,

in the very spirit of Hamlet, and wondered utterly how his

son and heir could hesitate with such a " choice. It's impossible,

I know," he said to "

himself, to put old heads

on young shoulders, but the head of a two-year old ought

to know which to choose. Why there's young Twigg

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