just go alone, and this here is one ! Here's a Sapphira

come among us a Sapphira, to swear, and to forswear,

and bear false witness and I wonder she don't drop down

of all sins I cannot abide

stone dead ! Oh, lying lying*



turns me inside out ! She or me must leave the


room !

" Peace then, and dread your own voice," said the wo-

man, " and, as mine."

you are so devoted to the truth listen to


Mr. Bundy," said the magistrate,


let her say her

say uninterruptedly, and you shall have the same privilege

of reply."

" I know my innocence," said the Ranter, " and the

spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I'm in pain, carnal

bodily pain. One of us must not tarry. Dead corpses

will fall a-bleeding when the murderer comes nigh 'em, and

wounds will begin aching when them are standing by as

giv them. Ever since that woman's been here I've had a

gnawing at my side like raging mad dogs !"

" "

O you shallow !

hypocrite exclaimed the woman,

with unutterable scorn. " Behold the perjured liar convicted

out of his own mouth ! He swore it was a man

that stabbed him !


" As sure," said the clerk, " as a cock's not a hen.

That spur touched him in the right place, he can never go

in again !"

" "

! Egad said Sir Mark, ' f it's all out of him. He

rose well at her fence ; but she had a deep ditch for him

on the other side."

" I think we have a clear case of perjury," said the Jus-


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