quite as fearfully as the savage grin to which it replied.

He turned from her with a growl, and then, looking round

the room, hellowed out a general curse, waving his arms

abroad, as if to assist in the distribution of the malediction.

" You'll all be consumed all on ! ye and if I stays

here I shall be consumed along with ye !", whereupon he

bolted through the door, and his powerful harsh voice was

heard muttering far, far away into the distance.

" Let him go, Gregory," said the Justice to the con-

stable, who put himself in motion as soon as the Ranter was

fairly out of "

hearing ; let him go. There are such things

as warrants in case of need. As for this fellow, he is dis-

charged ; and, I feel bound to say,

without a blot on his


" And the woman," inquired the clerk, " is she to be

at walk, or in the coop ? "

" Committed !" said the magistrate, assuming his Brutus

look, and a severe tone worthy of the look. "


were she my own sister. I have yet to consider whether

a nameless stroller, of questionable means and notorious vio-

lence, should be let loose on society, armed with an illegal

weapon, to the terror of his Majesty's liege subjects."

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