working on an unfinished drawing of " Hounds going to

Cover," which he had thrown aside in disgust the year


The Baronet eyed them all in turn, making mouths at

them, and crabbed faces, which perhaps belonged to pain,

and perhaps to peevishness ; and, like an armed ship

among gun-boats, he kept firing away, now a shot at one,

and then a shot at another, wherever he could bring his


to bear.


Here, Ringwood," he said,


copy out this piece of

Mr. Milton's poetry, and begin with l Grace was in all her


steps Zounds, sirrah, 'ware gout ! Keep off my toes !

Can't you let me die first, before you try to thrust your

feet into my shoes ? Look there, Raby will be dubbing

on till doomsday ; his May-fly will be in time for August.

Why, boy, if you were thrown on a desert island, like

Robinson Crusoe, you would be starved alive, for you can

neither hunt, fowl, nor fish ! But go on, Kate, with the

debate about royal marriages, or give me the paper, for

I see it


goes against the grain with you. I know your

on such subjects. You would have the heir to

the crown go a-courting where he likes; love's a plant

with strong roots, and the Prince may plant it at a cottage

door, and his

royal father is not to speak a word. Parents

are not to interfere ; there's to be no whipping-in ; young

people are to run riot, babbling after whatever like,

game they

hare or fox, deer or rabbit, or even pulling down

mutton. Let 'em match, racer and cart-mare, no matter

what. I suppose if you heard Dr. Cobb putting up Ringwood

Tyrrel and Dolly Wiggins, or Raby and Nancy

Trott, or St. Kitts and the queen of the gipsies, you would

' "


not stand up, not you, and say,

I bar the banns ?


Upon my word," said Mrs. Hamilton, with a subdued

smile, " my imagination never suggested any associations

so improbable/'


May be, not," said the Baronet


testily but ; you can't

guess a young lover's line quite so well as a fox's ; you

don't know whether he'll go up the wind or down the wind ;

but go on with the speeches or stay, I'll first take a

look at my nephew's picture," (the drawing was handed

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