to him) ay, going to cover, and I hope they'll find

a fox with three legs, or else

they'll never catch him. There's

some of Alderman's blood of course, for

a hound for you ;

he's pot bellied enough for the father of the corporation."


My dear sir/' said the Creole, " it's only in outlines,

and that apparent bulk, when it comes to be rounded off


with the shadows


Rounded off with a paring-knife," said the Baronet,

who seemed inclined to punish the Creole for carrying



spaniels to Hawksley. And here's a ! nag

Egad, your huntsman is queerly mounted. I've seen a

good many horses in my day, some standing high in front,

and some behind, and so forth, but I never met with a nag

with two long near legs and two short off legs, like this

phenomenon. He must lean on one side in going, like a

yacht in a squall."

" My dear uncle," said St. Kitts, " it is the perspective

that makes the legs of such different lengths."


My best thanks for the information," said the perverse


the next horse I buy I'll have it put into the

Baronet ;

warranty, free from splint, spavin, ringbone, and perspective.

You may well grin, Ringwood ; but get on with

your writing, and harkye, do it in a gentlemanly sort of

running hand, and not like a charity-boy's Christmas piece.

A bit of a curvet, too, with the pen, now and then, is well

enough, but the last copy I saw, half your words left off

with a little flourish that had the very twist of a sow's tail.

Yes, yes, St. Kitts, it's now your turn to grin ; but remember

one thing if it should please God to reduce us

to beggary, we musn't turn drawing-masters ; no, nor

fishermen neither, if we fumble over a hook like Raby.

Curse this ! gout I'll tell you what, Kate, you want me

to have Dr. Bellamy, I know you do by your looks, but

if I'm to leave this world I don't want Old Formality to

bow and scrape me out of it. So mark me ; if he enters

the Hall I'll walk away from it ; I will, by Jove, if I walk


on my hands like a mountebank !

In this querulous tone the Baronet indulged for some

time, till at length the fly-maker jumped up, and, to the

envy of his fellow-sufferers, quitted the room, exclaiming

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