pulled out old Izaak's work with a crash that told his pre-

cipitation had been fatal to his pocket.

" I am afraid I hope there has been a mistake,"

answered Grace, equally embarrassed, and with her face

averted towards the brook. " My eyes caught a few sen-

tences ; but they are banished, forgotten, like words read

in a dream."

As she spoke she rose up from the stone, as if to depart,

but Raby detained her by seizing her hand. "

My dear

Miss Rivers," he "

said, do not leave me in anger. However

you may condemn the sentiments which accident has

disclosed, say oh say, that you forgive me. Leave me

the comfort of thinking that my inadvertence has not forfeited

the favour I formerly enjoyed."


There is no offence," replied Grace, disengaging her

hand. " I have nothing to forgive ; nay but I have

cause of quarrel, for I now know the source of many

poems I have received. Was it fair, Raby, to pass them

upon me under a feigned authorship ? "

" The same crime as Chatterton's," said "

Raby ; but

do not condemn me to the same fate."

" "

And what was that ? inquired Grace, not ignorant of

the melancholy death of " the marvellous boy, the sleepless

soul that perished in his pride," but willing to turn

the conversation on subjects less embarrassing.

" To live joyless, and to die despairing," answered

Raby, with a tone which proved that, lover-like, he would

extract from all possible topics some reference to his own


passion. He wooed the Muse, arid in return she starved

him and must I perish too, Grace, with this hunger of

the heart?"

"Nay I am not so implacable as Poverty," replied

-Grace, with a smile and a " blush. We will still be

friends under that relation we have enjoyed many

pleasant hours together, and and I would have the

future to resemble the past."

" And why not happier and brighter ? " exclaimed

Raby, with all the animation of rekindled "

hope. Why

not happier, brighter, and warmer, as the summer exceeds

the spring ? Grace, dear Grace, chance has brought on


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