phetess removed at the same time, and still confronted


" Miss Rivers, a wretch speaks to you," she said, in

bitter allusion to the epithet that Grace had formerly applied

to her "

; but marry that man/' and she pointed to

Raby as with the finger of fate, " and you shall be as

wretched as I am. Heed not his smooth words, and his

soft speeches, they are but the sound of kitty-katties,

the empty clatter of sticks upon a board. There is one

loves you with a love as far surpassing his as a pine-

apple to a sleepy pear."

" Let us go," shuddered Grace, " she is mad and dan-



No," said the woman, " my brain is sane and sound.

She is the mad woman who ventures her all in a frail bark

that is doomed to founder. She is the crazy one who betrothes

herself to a phantom. But you see not as I see,

you scent not the churchyard mould and the worm afar ofl^

nor do you hear the death-toll forestalling the weddingpeal.

Grace Rivers ! revoke

not be a widow ere a wife !

your plight, if you would

You are depositing your

young heart in a marble urn yes, there you cling to


him foolish girl, you are hanging on a skeleton !

e( Do not tremble, Grace," said Raby, in an under tone,

with an affectionate pressure of the fair form beside him,


do not deign to tremble at the croak of such a raven.

So far from feeling any death-like forebodings, I seem as if

the last sweet half hour had made me immortal. As for

you," he said, turning to the woman, " your outlandish

allusions have betrayed the origin of your soothsaying.

In the West Indies this Obeah work might answer your

purpose, and the ban would be dearly bought off; but,

remember, you are in England, where there are laws for

vagrants and impostors and if I may prophesy in my

turn, I shall live long enough to see you doing penance at

the cart-tail."

f< And I shall live," returned the woman, with frightful

earnestness, " to see you tortured in mind, heart, and

soul, till you shall long rather for a bodily scourge, though

every lash were a whipsnake. Smile as you list that

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