him there ; and I am mistaken if she did not meet him

half way in love to boot. But no matter. The vow is

vowed; I heard it uttered, and saw it sealed, heart

pressed to heart and lip to lip. Yes, Walter Tyrrel, I

saw the pale face turn to carnation as it touched with hers

hut it shall be whiter, aye whiter and colder ere long,

or I am no prophetess his death is foredoomed. His

flesh shall feed the John-Crows !

" Or mine," muttered the Creole, between his teeth; " he

shall answer to me at the sword's point, for thus crossing

me in my course."

" Steel shall not meddle/' said the woman, " but this

match shall be broken if hearts should break with it."

" Mine is stricken to the core," said the Creole, with a

deep drawn sigh :


" hope cannot beguile me ; this fresh

stroke only shows me my unfortunate position in the world.

Had Raby never been called into existence, what chance

was there for me a being of doubtful birth, and a de-


" For the first complaint," said the woman, taking a

packet from her bosom, and putting it into his hands, " here

is a present remedy ; for the cure of the second we must

have time and other means. Walter Tyrrel, be a man ! or

would you sit down patiently under it, wear their white

favours, and put a piece of the bride-cake under your pillow

to ensure pleasant dreams ? "

"Never!" cried the Creole, violently stamping and

clenching his hands: "tell me direct me say what I

should do, and it shall be done."

" Do nothing and say nothing wish only for revenge

and revenge shall come but not, Walter Tyrrel, from your

hands. I will think for you feel for you act for you

and where can you have an agent more devoted than

one who is all but a mother ? One who will not shrink

where you would shrink, nor scruple where you would

scruple. My creed does not bind me so strictly as yours,

but it has served me well hitherto, and it may serve you

now. Question me not doubt me not what I do is

done for ! your good what is

shall be at my own sole risk."

to be endured or perilled

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