and fro with the activity and volubility of a flying pieman,

he indulged in such patter as the following :

" My dear Miss Tipper, I declare as blooming as ever

glad to see you take an ice Mrs. Crowder, have you

been round the grounds ? Rev. Dr. Cobb, a glass of wine

Pray make free, gentlemen Liberty Hall, you know

Matilda, Miss Dobbs would like to see Flora's temple

'Tilda looks well, don't she? Mr. Deputy, there'll be a

collation at four in the tent ; but take a snack beforehand

plenty in the dining-room come, young folks, be merry,

be merry what are you all for ? there's bow and arrows,

and cricket, and fishing, and dancing on the green, and

music Mrs. Tilby, I know you're fond of vocals run,

Pompey, and desire Mr. Hopkinson for the favour of a song

my dear, do keep an eye on John, he's drunk already,

d n him Mr. Sparks, a glass of wine the same with

you, Mr. Dowson here, this way into the green-house

come, hob-a-nob a pretty scene, is'n't it, Sparks, my old

boy and all my own property Mr. Dowson, I can't

help remembering old times; but many's the time Sparks

and me has clubbed our shillings together for a treat at

Bagnigge Wells. A great change though, says you, from

that to this. I little thought when I wrote T. Twigg with

a watering-tin, on a dusty pavement, that I should be signing

it some day to cheques for thousands. I don't care who

knows it, but I wasn't always the warm man I am to-day.

Mr. Squire, pray step in a glass of wine glad to see

you, Mr. Squire break as much as you please, and I won't

say any thing; we shall only be quits now for a look

about us again where the devil is T. junior? Mr.

Danvers, go to my daughter's bower, she'll present you a

bouquet Dr. Bellamy, a glass of wine Miss Trimmer, I

know you like solitude ; and that's the way to the Hermitage.

Don't be alarmed at the cow, she's only flapping

off the flies Dr. Cobb, there's lunch in the dining-room

Mr. Cottrel, do go and divide those young ladies beaux,

beaux, what are you about ? come, choose partners, don't

let the band play for nothing Mr. Crump, a glass of wine."

Such was the style of Twigg's exhortations ; who, unlike

other lecturers, endeavoured to enforce his precepts by prac-

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