what can a woman do with a tipsy man ? Do run

about, Peter, and look for your master, Mr. T. ! Mr.

T.! Mr. T. !"

But no one responded to the invocation, although the

whole grounds resounded, gradually, with an universal call

for Mr. Twigg. The unhappy lady was in despair she

feared she knew not what. When she last saw him, he

had been worked up by successive mistakes and accidents

to an awful pitch of nervous excitement, and she did not

feel sure that he had not actually run away in a paroxysm

of disgust and horror, leaving her, like Lady Macbeth, to

huddle up the banquet as she might. At last a popping

sound attracted her to the tent, and there she found the

wished-for personage, cursing and swearing in a whisper,

and stopping with each thumb a bottle of champagne,

which had suffered so from the hot weather, that the fixed

air had determined on visiting the fresh.

" "

Oh, Mr. T., what would you think !

began the

and the following dia-

poor hostess, but he cut her short ;

logue ensued.

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