helmets and masterless weapons after a skirmish of cavalry.

The table-cloths were dappled with the purple blood of

the grape ; and the eatables and drinkables scattered, bat-

tered, spattered,, shattered, and tattered, all round about,

presented a spectacle equally whimsical and piteous. The

following are but a few of the objects which the Hon. Mr.

Danvers beheld when he looked on.

Item. A huge cold round of beef, surrounded by the

froth of a trifle, like an island " begirt with foam," with a

pigeon perched on the top instead of a cormorant.

Item. A large lobster, roosting on a branch of an epergne.

Item. A roast duck, seemingly fast asleep, with a cream

cheese for a mattrass and a cucumber for a bolster.

Item. Brawn, in an ample writing-paper ruff, well

sprinkled with claret, reminding the spectator irresistibly

of the neck of King Charles the First.

Item. Tipsy-cake, appropriately under the table.

Item. A puddle of cold punch, and a neat's tongue ap-

parently licking it up.

Item. A noble ham, brilliantly powdered

Item. A boiled rabbit smothered in custard.

with broken

Item. A lump of 6/awc-mange dyed purple.

Item. A shoal of prawns in an ocean of lemonade.

Item. A very fine boiled turkey, in a harlequin suit of

lobster salad.

Item. A ship of sugar-candy, high and dry, on a fillet

of veal.

Item. A " hedge-hog" sitting on a " hen's nest."

Vide Mrs. Glasse's Cookery for these confectionary devices.

Item. "A floating island," asa new constellation, amongst

" the moons and stars in

jelly." See Mrs. Glasse again.

Item. A large pound crab, sitting upright against a

table, and nursing a chicken between its claws.

Item. A collared eel, uncoiled, and threatening like a

boa constrictor to swallow a fowl.

Item. A Madeira pond, in a dish cover, with a duck

drowned in it.

Item. A pig's face, with the snout smelling at a bunch

of artificial flowers.

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