womanly dress was doffed, and, instead of the Queen of

the Gipsies, he beheld Twigg, junior, leering at him with

a pantomimical grimace, and in an attitude borrowed from

the Grimaldi of that period.

ft The old fable, by Jove !" muttered the Baronet, as

he stopped short ;


the ass has put on a tigress's skin

instead of a lion's."

The cub replied only by a harlequin roll of the head ;

but it was an imprudent feat to be performed by one whose

brain was already whirling of its own accord ; for, like

certain precocious bibbers, who contrive to fuddle them-

selves before the dinner- cloth is removed, he had managed

to be overtaken before others had set out ; the natural con-

sequence of this extra spinning was a sudden giddiness,

and after a desperate stagger, he added his bulk to the general

mass of articles which, in commercial language, had

experienced a considerable fall.

The wrath of Twigg was at its climax. All his terror

had turned to rage, and he seemed ready for any extravagance

; indeed, he was only withheld by main force from

inflicting on the culprit a paternal pummelling. Nothing,

however, could prevent his railing ; and he actually raved

at the offender, vowing to starve him, to make a beggar of

him, to kick him out of the firm, and to cut him off with

a shilling and a bad shilling too, if he coined one for

He made him over, bones, blood, and limbs,

the purpose.

to the gallows, to the grave, to the devil.

" "


Pooh, pooh, pooh interposed the oracular Deputy


wine is wine, and a frolic is a frolic. Youth is

Dobbs ;

youth, and we were all young once."

" " "

! Young ejaculated Twigg, I wish he had never

been a day old ! I wish he'd been still-born ! I don't

know what he's had, but I wish it had choked him!"


" blood's

Pooh, pooh, pooh !" repeated the Deputy ;

blood, a son is a son, and a father is a father."

" I know


all that," retorted Twigg but don't ;

go to

excuse him ; pray don't, for it's unexcusable. Only put

yourself in my place. Here I am, with every thing re-

spectable about me, a man of property : and where's

my son and heir, that's to come into it when I'm gone ?

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