with great gulps of brandy and water. As for Matilda,

she threw herself on a sofa,, as flat, inanimate, and faded, as

the Flora of a Hortus Siccus.

Thus ended a fete especially devoted to enjoyment, but

where the spirit of the work did not answer to its dedica-

tion. Premeditated pleasures frequently terminate in dis-

appointment ; for mirth and glee do not always care to

accept a ceremonious invitation ; they are friendly familiar

creatures that love to drop in. To use a mercantile meta-

phor, bills at long dates upon happiness are apt to be dis-

honoured when due.

On the morrow, John the coachman found himself out

of a situation, whilst Twigg, junior, was provided with a

place on the roof of the Highflyer on its road to the metropolis.

Pompey was threatened also with dismissal, but as

black servants are not as plenty as blackberries, the dis-

charge was not made out ; whereas, the gardener, shocked

at the havoc among his exotics, and annoyed by the nickname

of Jerry Blossom, which his fancy dress had entailed

on him, gave warning of his own accord. The cook received

a message from her mistress, who was kept in bed

suit herself as soon

by a nervous complaint, that she might

as she pleased ; the dairy-maid received a significant hint

from the same source, that she must butter the family

better if she wished to stay in it ; and, to Dolly's deep re-

gret, her favourite Daisy, with a bad character for gentleness,

was driven off to the nearest market to be sold peremptorily

for what she would fetch.


What I have told you by my inspiration, I tell you once again, must and shall

find you.

The Prophetess.

Alas, to think that love decays,

And friendship wears with length of days,

And hands disjoin, and hearts dissever.

But hate lives," grows, and lasts for ever. Tarleton.

If all the fathers and mothers in the world were but dead, what a merry life

would love lead ! No churlish dad, nor crabbed dam, to snub it and flout it,

and rail at it, till Cupid is fain to skulk about in dark corners, with his wings

up to his ears like a moping owl. Cupid Crossed.

THE vigilance which the brown woman had pledged herself

to exercise on the Creole's behalf, kept pace with her

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