forward to the coming celebration as a sort of Belshazzar's



Ou, mem/' exclaimed the Scotchwoman, at a private

opportunity with her mistress, " ou, mem, after word

comes weird ;

the last.

there's a black day coming doon upon us at

Lordsake, mem, let's be aff to cannie Glencosie !

Let's flee awa' hame like a leddy-launner for it will be

a sair sight to bide. Wae's me ! we'se a' be ruined stoop

an' roop !


" If you mean, Tibbie," said Mrs. Hamilton, " the rejoicings

at my nephew's coming of "



Oh, that's just it, mem," interrupted Tibbie, with a

look as if she had seen a wraith, and a shudder as though

she had just been well ducked by a "

water-kelpie. Did I

ever think to see ( O for ane an' twenty Tarn' danced to

siccan a daft tune ? They say your nevoy's comin' intil

a hantle o' siller, and sae a hantle mair is to be fuled awa'

to mak' room for't ! Ech, sirs, to skirl awa' ae bawbee for

gleesomeness at getting anither, isna that braw guiding

o' gear?"

" Never fash your thumb, Tibbie," said the lady, who,

in conversation with her follower, liked to gratify the

Scotchwoman with some of her national phrases. " There's

siller enough to carry us well through the plea j and a little

will be left besides, I hope, to give Raby a birth-day too,

when his turn comes."

" The Lord grant it, mem," answered Tibbie, with an

incredulous shake of her head. " Ilka man- maun sit on

his ain coat-tail, but folk are forgetfu' whiles o' the length

o' the pouch. Gude kens, siller can rin awa' fast eneuch

on its ain legs, like a Jock-wi-the-mony-feet, without

pittin' wings till't Aiblins, mem, ye'll no have heard the

tae hauf o' the caraffle, but I ken brawly for I airted it

out mysel'."

"And what have you heard, Tibbie/' inquired Mrs.

Hamilton, " that makes ye expect such a kill- cow ? But

I suspect Jerry has been treating you with more statements

than he can vindicate."

" Hout awa'!" exclaimed the indignant handmaid.

" Jerry, indeed ! I wad like to see the hale clan o' Jerries

T 4

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