wha could veendicate Tibbie Cawmel ! She has twa lugs

o' her ain, and didna Sir Mark Tirl gie orders aboot the

vivers when I was by ? But ye were speering, mem, anent

a kill-cow. What div ye think of roastit owsen nae

flesher-wark, nae parting o' foresey and backsey and heukbane,

but roasted hale, mem; muckle stirks, wi' trueluve

knots o' blue ribbons at their tails, and their horns

glinting wi' laid gowd. If that isna a kill-cow I kenna

what is."

" I remember to have seen something of the kind," said

Mrs. Hamilton, " when my brother, Sir Mark, came into

his estates."

" And the Lord haud him and


the estate's !


ejaculated Tibbie, with the fervent air of one invoking a

miracle. " It wad be an awfu' thing for the Ha' to be

roupit, stock and brock ; for I jalouse Sir Mark's no the

preceese sort o' man to save ony thing by a moonlight


" The moon must be made of green cheese, indeed, ere

we come to that," said the mistress.

" Aweel, mem," answered Tibbie, " there's no saying.

I kenned a blue-gown, wha was ance a cock laird. There's

gowpen gowd to the fore nae doot, but I'm thinking the

himsel' wad be scant o' siller for the towmont to


come, after siccan an outlay. Ben the house, and but the

house, it's a' ane. There's to be lang boards out-bye in

the policy, wi' meat for ilka mou', and lang settles eneuch

for a' the doups in the parishrie. My troth, I wuss we

havena to sup lanten-kail and pree barefut-broth after


siccan a hirdumdirdum !


And, of course," suggested Mrs. "

Hamilton, so much

meat will want a little drink along with it."

" Ou ay, mem," answered Tibbie eagerly, " the yill,

nae sma' trash, but the best o' the browst, the yill's to be

as free as dyke- water. Gin the hale clamjamfry dinna

on huz. And there's to

get roarin' fou' it canna be wyted

be flags, and letting aff cannons and musickers and jowing

o' bells and a King Solomon's Temple gude for-

gie's blawn up wi' fluffgibs ! And there's to be lamps

burnin' blue and red and green ule, and the loch, mem

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