lifeless hand, he rivetted his eyes on the pallid features,

now settling into a placid smile, as frequently happens to

the physiognomy where death has resulted from a gunshot



Raby," said the Creole, and his voice sounded supernaturally


" the dead are dead, and the living


must not be lost rise up and away !

" "

No," replied Raby, I will not stir. Come what

may, this is my proper place, and till the tomb bars me

from him, thus will I sit at his head as his chief mourner."

" This is mere madness," replied the Creole, in a

sharper tone, and with a gesture of


impatience. The

cry of murder will rise hotly against you blood will

demand blood and your own parent even will not be

able to save you. One son is gone, and if another must

follow, at least spare us trie spectacle of an ignominious



For your father's


sake for the sake of one still

Raby groaned at this new blow, and dropped his brother's

hand. Mechanically he rose up and turned his eyes

towards Hawksley, and scalding tears for the first time

gushed from the parched lids, as he thought of the young,

fond, joyous heart he was doomed to break. Something

he tried to say, but the sound died upon his lips ; his head

drooped, his arms dropped powerless by his side, and he

assumed at once the despairing attitude and expression of

a wretch who had just stepped irretrievably over the threshold

of that tremendous portal, in Dante, beyond which

hope has not even a name.

" "

Hark a shot ! exclaimed the Creole, in an under

tone "

; the keeper is going his rounds if you remain


here you are lost ! and he seized the arm of Raby, and

partly by force led him from the fatal spot. The condition

of the latter was truly pitiable, and, to estimate it, the reader

must consider not merely the harrowing circumstances of

the time, but the peculiar morbid sensibility and constitutional

nervous temperament of the individual, which com-

bined to deprive him of all ordinary firmness. In utter

prostration of mind and body, with a complete paralysis of

purpose, and the absolute apathy of despair, he implicitly

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