felon. There may be comfort for one calamity, but the

other will bring down grey hairs to the grave with disgrace

as well as sorrow. It is a bitter doom, but you must fly !

yes, fly your country ! My heart bleeds for you, but the

scaffold must be shunned, even were you to become an

exile for ever. Would to God you had been the first-born

of your father, the heir of his estates, but for the

younger to kill the elder ! we live in a cruel world, Raby,

and the evil-minded will hint at murder and quote pre-

cedents. Innocence will be stained like guilt ; public justice

4 will be clamorous for atonement, and the rash verdict

of passion and prejudice may direct the very lands of your

forefathers to be polluted by the erection of a gibbet. No,

you must fly this infamy. I know the ties that bind you ;

but for the sake of Grace Rivers herself, you will


though it should be as the breaking of your heart-strings ;

let her weep but not blush for you. Away ! ere it be too

late ; away, ere your brow be stamped for ever with the

brand of Cain ! After a lapse of years suspicion may

revise its thoughts, and judgment may reverse its verdict;

but till then you must shun a certain doom, and



worse than death !

During this discourse the unfortunate being it was addressed

to became gradually conscious of its purport, and

as his mind comprehended the bitter and apparently ine-

vitable alternative that was proposed to him, the workings

of his countenance expressed how excruciating were the

pangs that racked his heart and brain, as he contemplated

and acknowledged the stern necessity of an instant separation

from all that remained to him in life or love.

It was once affirmed by a lady who had been recovered

from drowning, that during the hovering of her spirit, as

it were, between two worlds, she had a revelation of her

past life, even in its minutest incidents, spread before her

inward eye like a pictorial chart, long forgotten circum-

stances displaying themselves as vividly as at the time of

their actual occurrence. Even thus did Raby's prophetical

imagination place before him in one vast design the dark

prospect of the future, with all its sombre architecture,

terrible as the Hall of Eblis, peopled with dreadful shapes

u 4

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