1 f What ! away for ever to another world without a word,


a farewell ! I cannot, St. Kitts, I cannot !


Stay, then, and bid them farewell from the gallows!"

resumed the woman.


Stay another hour, and death and

infamy will be laid like bloodhounds upon your track ; stay,

and see the grey hairs of your father grovelling in the dust,

arid the brown locks of Grace Rivers plucked out by hand-

fulls, as if that would save her from madness. Aye, there

is the sting of the scorpion ; but did I not tell you, that

you should curse the day, and the hour of the day, that

linked her fate with your own ?"

" And the evil hour when I was born," added the fratricide.

" Oh, that hand that cruel "

right hand ! and he

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