either submit by an unconditional surrender, or prepare to

maintain the independence of her heart, like the memorable

defence of Zaragoza, by a protracted struggle of unexampled

misery and pertinacity. She could not forbear a shudder

as she looked at the set determined countenance of her

father; and, in addition to her mental distress, she began

to suffer under that physical depression and discomfort which

peculiarly affect some individuals at the approach of a storm.

As the Justice resumed his oration, every pause of his sonorous

voice was filled up with the muttering of distant

thunder ; a deepening gloom fell suddenly in the apartment,

and as Grace cast a glance through the window which looked

towards the Hall, she saw the landscape darkening under the

black lowering clouds, and the crooked lightning darting

angrily along the horizon. Even thus her own prospect in

life was suddenly overcast and menaced with trouble and

tempest, and she could willingly have answered the moans

and sighs of the wind with her own.

" And now, Grace," said the magistrate, "having pointed

out to you the line prescribed by duty, I hope a child of

mine cannot require an appeal to her affection to induce

her to the course of rectitude. I need not, I hope, remind

her, that the path pointed out to her by parental solicitude

for her welfare leads eminently to her own happiness and


It will be sufficient to Grace Rivers that filial

piety enjoins a cheerful and ready

obedience to the will

and wishes of the best of fathers."

Grace hid her face in her hands, and made no answer.

" Speak ! I command you," said the Justice, in his

sternest tone.

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