in the course of penning the following billet to his did

associate :


" To save troublesome explanations, read the en-

closed ; seal, and deliver it ' when called for/ The game

is good. I hold winning cards if you play well up to my

hand. One deal, and out ! and the stakes better than a

slam at SPICY ! ! !

(f A snake stopped the march of a Roman army ; but

would it not be pitiful if my progress up the avenue of

Tylney Hall, as its master, mind, should be stopped by a

worm ? Genus, ' book-worm/ You remember a specimen

at college. Moreover, with a bill of love, signed,

dated, and accepted, in his hand, he stands between a certain

Grace, and a certain graceless.

" You must ship him off somewhere. The sea is not

so confined or overstocked, but it may bear another Gull

on it. I am not so interested in the venture as to require

that the vessel so freighted be A 1 .

" I must trouble you to stand God-father to him, in

giving him an alias, and you may help him to a hundred

on my account, but he has means of his own. Scare him

heartily, confirm all my facts, and enforce all my arguments,

I should have said back my gammon.

" In serving an old pal, a wealthy one that is to be,

you may do better for yourself than even by showing your

pluck to pigeons at Fulham.

" Thine truly,


The enclosure presented a curious contrast to the pre-

: ceding epistle it read like the effusion of what certain

old women of both sexes would denominate a very goodj

moral, and decidedly serious young man. JEcce signum.

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