you will see the zenith of a beautiful and intense blue ;

but towards the horizon the sky grows gradually paler and

paler, as if heaven itself became dull and tarnished by intercourse

with the earth. Even thus the pure perfect

azure of love and bliss, which is only to be looked for

above, fades away more and still more as it mingles with

that moral atmosphere of tears and grosser exhalations

which encircles this nether world, till but a faint tinge of

the celestial colour at last communes with the distant trees,

the mountainous outline, or the ocean level. To this dull

grey tint, the blue eyes of Grace seemed to have wept

themselves, as she turned them with a look of inquiry on

her father, notwithstanding that their hue was advantaged

by the pale complexion of her cheeks which had lost all

their life-like bloom. The lids drooped heavily over the

languid orbs, and the fine arches of her eyebrows were

broken and depressed, as if by the weighty cares and sorrows

that dwelt above them. She had a book in her lap,

over which her emaciated body bent with the languor of

dejection and exhaustion ; her arms hung listlessly by her

side without motion even in one long attenuated finger ;

her very hair had uncurled itself, and instead of the glossy

auburn undulations, whereon the sun used to glance

goldenly as in the ripples of a brook, the long straight

tresses hung from her marble brow and clung to her white

neck and shoulders, as passively as the dark brown sea-weed

on a mass of chalk.

Even the stern bosom of the magistrate was touched by

the sight of his sole beloved daughter, in such a melan-

choly condition, though his relenting was but as the gradual

giving of a hard frost, when the ice changes indeed

from a solid to a fluid, but remains almost as cold as

before. Unlike those sympathetic natures which receive

and transmit kindly impulses with the rapid intensity of

the electric spark, he was formed of some non-conducting

materials that reluctantly imbibed and slowly commu-

nicated the genial warmth of the affections. With a heart

resembling the asbestos in fibre, he could not conceive

how another of different texture could consume in the

fabulous flames of a passion that had made no such scorch-

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