"Who? "asked Tippy.

" That's tellings," returned the constable, " some folks

see further than other folks," a nod and a wink at once.

" You'll see when he's pulled out."


Lend a hand, then," said Tippy ; and with some diffi-

culty, they raised the body, and deposited it on the grass,

by the side of the brook.

" Poor fellow !" ejaculated Tippy, after a long look at

the "

corpse, what shall we do with him




Stand him on his head, to be sure," said the constable,

" to run the water out that's the most reviving thing."

" It might have revived him two or three days ago,"

said Tippy.

"Ay, three days, or three and a half that's my


own calculation," said the constable "

; any body may

see that by


his appearance he's monstrous swelled,


" Is it the man you mean ?" inquired Tippy.

The constable nodded, " It's him, Tippy, and no mistake."

" , For my part," said Tippy, " his face is so swelled,

and bruised, and battered, I shouldn't know him if he was

my own born brother."

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