wink at his assistant. " I smoked him at the first sight.

But it's my office to sniff out people, felons and so forth ;

and it's yours only to find out game. I'm reckoned a bit

of a dab at it, too, an't I, Tippy?" to which Tippy

assented with a nod.

" Hold up, then/' said the keeper, " and let's see your


" Yes, yes," said the constable, " when you're in the

dark, you all come to me to strike a light. I'll


hold a

o' beer you don't name him in three tries."


No, no it's an unproper subject for betting on,"

said Old Mat, with a pious feeling towards the dead, that

accorded with his character. " But I'll guess, however.

Mayhap it's George the saddler, and a bit of a poacher

besides, to give un his due : folks do say he's a-missing

since the flood ? "

" Guess again."

" Mayhap, then, it's young Tom the miller, for he's


a-missing too ?

" Miles off you never shot randomer," and the constable

shook his head. " Now you shall hear mine. Any

body can guess at hap-hazard ; but preponderating, and

roominating, and digressing is another thing. As for me,

I always concur with myself, I call it comparing notes.

I've my own reasons ; but putting this and that together,

if that's any body's body, it's the body of one as ought t6

have ended otherwise;" and the speaker clapped his hand

with a significant gesture under his left ear.



What, Master ! Raby exclaimed the gamekeeper,

and he took a long gaze at the body from head to heel.

" It have a likely look enough. It's just the sort of trim

for such as him to go a-shooting in, half sportsman and

half schollard. Them cords and gaiters are well enough,

but the silk waistcoat, and that jaunty black coat's any thing

but the proper wear for our stiff covers."


Say I told you so," said the constable, with a knowing

wink. " The toggery was the first thing I twigged. But

I went by many more things besides."

" You searched him, mayhap?" said the gamekeeper.

(l We were going to," said Tippy, t( when you came in


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