"Teach your grandmother!" exclaimed the self-suffi-

cient constable, with a nod and a wink ; hut he did not

disdain, notwithstanding, to imitate practically every movement

of the old gamekeeper, hy whose exertions principally

a rough litter was formed, similar to that which

had been used for transporting the body of Ringwood. It

was under a serener sky than in the former instance, that

the bearers took up their melancholy burden : as they progressed

across the park, the deer sported around them, the

hares chased each other in rings, the wood.pigeons wooed

each other in the trees, and the squirrel gambolled along

the path, even as they had been bidden, in a verse, by the

gentle Raby, now of touching import,

own ungentle fate.

in reference to his

i (

Each fhrr'd or feather'd creature !

Enjoy with me this earth,

Its lite, its love, its mirth,

And tiie the death of nature !

As soon as the corpse had been deposited at the lodge,

Master Goff repaired to the Hall, to communicate the dismal

tidings. His important bearing, and the nature of his

office, procured him easy access to the Baronet, whom he

found sitting

in the library

in eager expectation of receiving

intelligence of his fugitive son. But this anxiety only

retarded the disclosure : at every question the constable

stopped and drew in his horns like a snail, so that the

Baronet was fain to leave him with all his tediousness to

his own course, which he pursued with characteristic ab-

surdity. Unlike the admirable overture to Der Freyschiitz,

which with dreadful note of preparation forewarns the

startled auditor of impending horrors, the constable's prelude

did not contain one syllable anticipatory of the catas-

trophe it was intended to announce. He began by a truism,

that it is the nature of water to drown people, and in illus-

tration he detailed the loss of Mrs. Worrall's sow and pigs

by an irruption of the late flood, from which he wandered

into a dissertation upon the advantages of knowing how to

swim, and then came the tragical story of a village Leander,

concluding with an original process for "rescuscitating the

drownded." Such an exordium was little calculated to arm

the hearer against a sentence which, like the electric " Tu

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