epitaph over the body, he proceeded carefully to ransack

the adjoining apartment, which he found scantily furnished,

yet exhibiting one more token of the character of

the deceased. The bed was sordidly mean, but her toilet

was perfect in its appointments, some of which were particularly

costly. His strictest search was for papers whereby

he might have been compromised, but he found merely one

small packet, though its contents confirmed his worst mis-

givings ; they were rough

drafts of the letters and the

certificate which Marguerite had given to him, all in the

same hand, and with such erasures, additions, and interlin-

eations, and even marginal remarks, as to leave no doubt of

their being the originals of concerted forgeries. A discovery

so fatal to his peace steeled his heart, and drew from

him a bitter imprecation on the author.

" She might well say trust to nothing," he muttered.

" Some day, had she lived, in one of her fury fits at my

declining to gratify her preposterous demands, she would

have turned my arms against me, and challenged her own

precious fabrications."

So saying, with the coolness of a savage Indian rifling a

slain enemy, he took the jewels from her person, drew the

gemmed rings from her fingers, and transferred his father's

miniature to his own bosom. He then left the hut, and

returned to the Hall, leaving the remains of Indiana, the

once paramount idolised beauty of St. Christopher's, to be

discovered by chance or to moulder where they lay the

latter fate being the most probable, considering the haunted

character of the place.


Learning is your only having !

Why then he has the best of ownerships

Can winds and angry billows wreck his learning?

Can thieves and midnight robbers steal his learning ?

Can rot and mildew perish all his learning ?

Can learning be consumed by fire, or locked

For ages in the limbo of the law ?

Is learning in the stocks '{ Can it be spent

By prodigals ? Can learning ever lose

Its master like a dog ? Pray be content,

Learning is surest of the "

gilts we have ! Towne and Gowne.

TIME rolled on ; six months passed away, and Sir Walter

experienced no new inquietude. The ghost of the haunted

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