of his father and brother, and the sufferings of his dear

Grace ; he was still the same affectionate merciful being,

in love with all creatures, however minute, that were harm-

less and unoffending.

He had no longer any spurious sen-

sibility, it is true : he would have shot a hare, a pheasant,

or a partridge, but he would not " needlessly set foot upon

a worm/'

On the anniversary of Raby's return, he was united to

Grace Rivers, an union that promised the more felicity as

the parties had already fulfilled that universal condition of

human happiness, that it shall be alloyed with grief. Their

bliss was as perfect as it was pure, and as they stood together

at the altar, the young couple might have adopted the


beautiful lines quoted in { ' The Old Couple :

" Blest happiness I Gently, my joys, distil,

Lett ye do break the vessel you should fill ! "

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