bow, intimated to the Baronet that he had " the pleasure of

bidding him good morning."


Some of these second, sigh ted persons will pretend to see a funeral, and bespeak

the death of the individual who is shortly to occupy a hearse.

Tour in the Highlands.

" ASKING your honour's pardon," said Jonas, meeting the

Baronet at the door of the parlour, " the young gentleman's

coming up was no fault of mine. Mrs. Hanway

thinks people as is to part for ever had better be separated,

and I had him confined to the bar, but he begged so to

see his papa afore he died, that I hadn't the heart to refuse

him, and

particularly as he kicked and bit quite astonishin'

for his age please to walk this way," he continued,

waving one hand towards the "

parlour as the whist-club


is apt to get noisy, and sick people don't agree with loud

singing, I have got 'em to dissolve themselves for a week."

" I'll make it all up to you, Jonas," said the Baronet,


whist-club and all. As for the boy, he may stay with

us. Why, as I live," he exclaimed, examining for the

first time the face of his nephew, "he's of a cross breed,

he's as brown as Gipsy Jack !" The boy thus referred


instantly plucked his hand from the Baronet's, and with

a quick movement of resentment turned away a face in

which red had now the mastery, while his eyes glistened


fiercely through the springing tears.


Come, come," said Sir Mark, laying his broad hand

with an

encouraging slap, but which might have served for

a corrective one, on the youth's shoulder ;

" what I said

about the skin was only for the sake of giving tongue


good horse can't be of a bad colour."


The best I ever set behind was a brown one," remarked

Jonas, " let alone a fault in his temper."

This unlucky illustration, though adduced in perfect innocence

by the ex-coachman of Sir Theodore Bowles, was

c 3

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