another,, when through the parlour door, which remained

open, he saw Jonas re-enter and pass towards the bar, followed

by a little dapper rosy-faced man in black; a

jingling of glass ensued, and then an audible smack of the

lips, in token of the relish of the libation. To the dialogue

which followed the Baronet became unavoidably a listener.

" It's capital, Master Hanway, capital ! worth a whole

pint of the '

poor stuff at The Bell.' "

" I have it straight from the distiller's, Master Naylor ;

when one wants good unadulterated liquor, there's nothing

like going to the fountain-head."

"Ay, ay, Master Hanway, but at 'The know what I

Bell/ you

mean, they're apt to go to the fountain-head

rather too much. Spirits, as I says sometimes to a taker-

on, spirits won't bear too much lowering. The society's

very grumpy about it, 1 assure you ; very grumpy indeed."

" That's to say, the society for people as want to be

buried ? "

inquired the voice of the landlord.

" The very same, Master Hanway, and though I say it,

as shouldn't say it, being president of the club, as snug

and merry a little free-and-easy as you'd wish to be in-

terred by. Only two guineas a year, including mutes,

bearers, feathers, and the best pall, with every thing agreeable.

You couldn't bury yourself for the money. The

liquors is but so so, as I have said before, but the ' Bell*

mayn't always be our funeral bell, as we call it by way of

a joke. There's more houses to meet at in the place, and

as I told the landlord t'other day, we're not screwed


" I've heard < The Black Horse '

very well spoke of," remarked

the disinterested host of " The Rabbits."


No, no, Master Hanway, we've black horses enough

of our own ; but that's by way of a joke. However, as

I said before, ' The Bell '

don't answer, and as I says to the

members, if so be we are to shift our tressels, we may as

well pitch them again among friends. Now there's my

old neighbour and crony, Dick Tablet, belongs to a'society,

and for old acquaintance sake I should prefer to club our

clubs together at the same sign."

" And that's the very sign you're now drinking at," re

c 4

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