with great difficulty the sufferer was recovered. At last

he unclosed his eyes and gazed around him as wildly as if

they had opened on another world.


Indiana/' he exclaimed, rivetting two eager orbs of a

startling brilliancy on the face of the horror-stricken Mrs.

Hanway, " wherefore are you here ? take her away pull

her off me, quick /' and his arm waved impetuously.


" She has a knife !

lt His head is going/' whispered Mrs. Hanway to Sir

Mark "

; it is time to send for the clergy."

(< Remove the boy," continued the strong wild voice of

delirium ;

" he must not see me bleed his mother did


" Ah, papa ! dear papa ! don't send me from you

pray don't/' sobbed the terrified boy, struggling with all

his might to retain the hand which the invalid, with that

fitful strength which belongs to frenzy, disengaged by a

single effort.

" "

Away, woman ! he "

cried, don't cling to me ; away


we part for ever !

out of my sight

A long pause of exhaustion succeeded, during which his

eyes gradually became duller, and when he spoke again, it

was with a tone so altered, so feeble and mild, that it

seemed as if two distinct spirits with their several voices

inhabited the same body.

" I am going, Mark, going rapidly ; the grave is closing

round me I am dead to the waist. Come nearer, Mark

nearer still /' the Baronet placed his ear close to his

brother's lips, and actually staggered backward as the appalling

supernatural voice, abruptly resumed, fell with full

force on the astounded sense.


Don't hurt her," it

shouted, " she's mad mad with ! jealousy Indiana,

had no cause for this !


you and the intense bright eyes

again fixed themselves on the countenance of Mrs. Hanway,

who, in an agony of undefinable terror, sunk on her

knees and shrouded herself in the curtain.


In the name of God, Herbert," said the bewildered

Sir Mark,

f '

if you have anything on your mind make a

clean breast of it. If it's about the boy, I've sworn to

back him through this world, and while I live I'll ride with

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