no more

Ringwood is beginnin' to wince, and so I'll say

but he'll be missed in the grooming to morrow "

; so

saying, the huntsman gave what he would have called a

cross between a nod and a bow, and if in opposition to a

horse-laugh, there be such a thing as a horse -sigh, with

that very kind of respiration he quitted the apartment. In

the mean time, Sir Mark had commenced pacing up and

down the room, his custom when he was much excited,

and was muttering to himself in broken sentences


Ay, ay,

a black day sure enough first poor Herbert,

and then the grey horse the best brother and the best

hunter that ever topped a fence. But misfortune, as they

say, always shoots right and left with a double barrel.

Here's Bedlamite on one hand with a broken neck, and

yonder's my own brother laid out for burying seven

good yards into a gravel-pit ; as for that Joe, lucky or unlucky,

when I meet him I'll ride over him with his

whirl bones and stifles coming out of his loins God's

will be done, but it's hard to bear two deaths in one

day two deaths in one day."

To go back a little in our story while Hanway's post-

chaise was preparing for the Baronet, the doomed postillion

left " The Rabbits," mounted on the surviving posthorse

belonging to his master and leading Bedlamite by the rein.

They had trotted, however, barely a quarter of a mile,

when, whether he really heard any hounds according to

Dick's surmise, or whether he disdained the companionship

of a post-horse the high spirited grey suddenly

jerked the bridle out of Joe's hand, and dashed off across

the heath at his very best pace. A few minutes sufficed

to convince Joe of the futility of hunting a hunter on a

spavined job-horse, and, accordingly, with his usual malediction

on his luck and his birth, and another on all the

grey horses in the world he gave up the chase as one of

those bad jobs for which he let himself out by the day,

month, or year. Shortly after the mishap he encountered

Ringwood Tyrrel, but could not muster courage enough to

communicate what had happened, and subsequent to this

meeting no person of the neighbourhood could remember

having seen the familiar face of Unlucky Joe. The post-

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