black shoes, and walked to London with only a shilling in

my pocket, to seek my .fortune j and now here I am, a

man of property, and a common-council man besides. Not

a bad example, Sir Mark Tyrrel, Baronet, to be set before

the rising generation. I often think my own life and rise in

the world would make as good a history for young persons

as Dick Whittington's, one of the best classical works, by

the by, in the English language."

f< But it might be better for all that," remarked Ringwood,

with a look of appeal towards his father, " I mean

as to worrying the rats, for if the black king gave such

heaps of gold for a cat, what wouldn't he have come down

for a keen ferret or two, crossed with the pole-cat, and a

bull-terrier like Whop, and as good at all vermin by land

or water ? "

(e To be sure," answered the Baronet, et


is worth

his weight in gold always goes at the head, and you

may chew his foot like tobacco before he'll let go, whether

of a badger or a Christian. I remember the grip he took

of Black Will the poacher," but before the story could

come off, the supper party was suddenly alarmed by a

bustle over head, followed by shrieks so shrill and incessant,

from the chamber of death, that for a long minute

each individual stared at his neighbour as mute and mo-

tionless as a stag at gaze. At last, snatching a candle, the

Baronet rushed up the staircase, followed by the others,

Twigg at every step, as became a man of property, bellowing

out " "

Thieves ! thieves ! thieves !


" Noe doubt manie livinge persones, both menne and womenne, have seen

ye Deville bodilie, beinge like unto one hugeous black gote, with hornis and

taile." KING JAMES I.

ON entering the bedchamber, the screaming was found to

proceed from the dairy-maid and laundry-woman. Both

had thrown their aprons over their heads, and each had

backed her chair against the opposite wall, through which

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