remainder of her days at Tylney Hall, and it concluded by

requesting an immediate answer, hoping " she would not

sit in the saddle craning over the Border, but charge it

at once, and return at her best pace to the seat of her


In the meantime the Baronet was not, displeased to learn

from Dr. Bellamy, that a family had just come to settle in

the vicinity, whose visits promised to dissipate his ennui,

as they declared themselves to be distant relatives of the


" I have been honoured with the compliment," said the

Doctor, " of being called in to the whole family the very

day after their arrival. As they had removed from the

metropolis to the country, by way of precaution against the

sudden change of air, I had the gratification of prescribing

an alterative for them all round. Mr. Twigg, indeed, did

me the favour to object to taking anything I recommended,

saying, that a man who had met with his changes in life

needn't care for changes of air ; but I had the pleasure of

persuading him to a pill over night and a draught in the

morning. If I recollect right,

I had the happiness of

riding in the same mourning coach with him at the interment

of the lamented Colonel Tyrrel; and really found

the gentleman very agreeable and pleasant."

In fact, Twigg, at the burial in question, had become

so enamoured of a country life, that he made up his mind

to retire some day from civic dignity into " rural felicity,"

" With a cow, and a pig, and a barndoor and all,"

a plan he now put in execution by purchasing, as adver-

tised, "a large roomy family house, with an extensive

walled garden well stocked, and about fifty acres of land,

arable and pasture." Since his last visit to the country he

had almost doubled his capital, and had served the office of

Sheriff of London ; but as that city seemed in no hurry to

make him its Lord Mayor, he determined to withdraw like

Cincinnatus to a Sabine farm. In choosing the locality of

this pastoral retreat, he was guided by three suggestions :

which, like the witches in Macbeth, severally addressed

themselves to his ambition. The first saluting him as


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