your new house to your liking, and the air agreeable to

your constitution."

" Candour compels to say," answered Twigg, his brow

suddenly over-casting as he spoke, " I'm afraid it don't.

Between you and me, I find retirement very hard work,

and have hardly had time to eat, drink, or sleep, since

I left off business. I never felt so low in my life, and

I've been as low in life as most people. But I mustn't

forget my manners now I'm a gentleman: it's time, says

you, to go into the drawing-room and be introduced to

Mrs. T. ; I'll be bound she's waiting for us with the cake

and wine." So saying he led the way to the drawingroom,

where they found Mrs. Twigg playing the lady at a

short notice. After the usual ceremonies of presentation,

the father inquired for Miss Twigg, to which the mother

replied, " that she was in the library, studying and improving

her mind with the fashionable novels."

" It's a lie, madam," exclaimed Twigg, who was really a

domestic "

Dionysius, I'vejust come from the library myself."

" It's

really a pity, Mr. T.," replied the wife, taking

the epithet as calmly as if she was used to it,

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