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WHOLESALE CATALOG - International Violin Co., Violin, Luthier ...




C895 “Academy” model Viola offers the determined

student a superb looing viola with the sound and

workmanship to match. This model features an

antique redbrown varnish with golden highlights,

nicely flamed two piece back and sides, ebony

fingerboard, nut and saddle, and boxwood trim.

Dominant strings are precisely set up so your viola

is ready to play. Available in 15”, 15 1 ⁄2”, 16”, or 16 1 ⁄2”.

List $900.00 COST $450.00


C900 ”Concertmaster” model Viola offers the serious

student a mature, warm sounding instrument. Made

with traditional Italian varnish and workmanship,

this model features a highly flamed maple back,

sides, and neck, a well seasoned spruce top, amber

brown varnish, grade “A” rosewood trim, and ebony

fingerboard. A wonderful setup includes Dominant

strings that provide a very responsive sound!

Available in 15”-16 1/2”.

List $1,500.00 COST $750.00

French Violas


AL67 Georges Michael Viola offers the same superb

features as the AL 57 violin but is masterfully

graduated and constructed as a fine viola with

rich warm tone that projects with resonance.

Every Viola comes with a certificate of authenticity

which includes the date it was finished, serial

number, and beautiful photographs of the top,

back and back or your instrument. Available in

15 1/2”, 16”, and 16 1/2”.

List $7,000.00 COST $3,500.00

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32100 Student Cello Outfit, this cello outfit features a solid

carved cello with inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard

and fittings, fine tuner tailpiece and golden brown

varnish. Outfit includes a slightly padded cello bag

with back-pack design straps and a wood bow with

ebony frog and Mongolian horse hair. Available in 4/4-

1/8 sizes.

List $800.00 COST $400.00

32500 Dolce Cello Outfit offers the intermediate player an

instrument that has workmanship and sound of a

much higher priced instrument for an affordable price.

This solid carved cello features a select graduated

spruce top, well flamed maple back, sides and neck,

ebony trim, fine tuner tailpiece, inlaid purfling and a

golden brown oil varnish. Outfit includes padded bag

and octagonal brazilwood bow with horsehair.

Available in 4/4- 1/2 sizes.

List $1,050.00 COST $525.00

A500 Arcadia Cello Outfit features a handmade cello with

a well graduated solid spruce top, lightly flamed

maple back, sides and neck, ebony fingerboard with

boxwood trim, a hand rubbed red-brown varnish and

is set up to exceed MENC specifications using Golden

Leaf strings and 4 fine tuners. A standard cello bag

and brazilwood bow with horse hair and rosin complete

the outfit. This cello has tone that you would

be proud to show off! Available in 4/4- 1/8 sizes.

List $1,300.00 COST $650.00


Student Cello Outfit

comes with bag and bow!


Arcadia Outfit comes

with bag and bow!


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