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musical instruments - the Scientia Review

musical instruments - the Scientia Review

Material used in

Material used in Construction String Composition Strings are almost always made of metal or a metallic coil wrapped around another substance, but can be made of other material such as nylon. However, most professionals do not prefer the sound produced by nylon strings. Metal is found elsewhere in string instruments as screws and other fasteners as well. Plastics and other materials can be found in various places; the location typically depends on the instrument. Because string instruments have a wide variety of designs and originate in many locations, there is a wide range of materials used to construct string instruments. The most frequently used material, which composes the bulk of most string instruments, is wood. This is typically used to make the instrument body (the frame and shape of the instrument) and to make bows for instruments played by bowing. Rosin Rosin is a brittle substance formed of resin compounds obtained from members of the coniferous family of trees. It is a translucent solid that varies in color, and has applications in many widely divergent fields such as athletics and electrical engineering. Violinists and others who have bowed instruments use rosin on their instruments and bows in order to change the friction of the bow on the strings and possibly improve the quality of sound produced by the instrument.

Playing Together String Ensembles Multiple types of ensembles utilize the distinctive tones produced by string instruments; indeed, few genres of music omit them completely. Some groups, such as chamber music players, use string instruments to the exclusion of all others. Others, like rock bands, include one, two, or several strings, typically electric. These can perform as either a pronounced lead in a song, a supporting instrumental voice, or a subtle background. Strings, especially classical strings, are also particularly important in orchestras, wherein a third or more of the body of musicians is given over to string instruments.

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